Charles, Lance: Tricks For the Few
©1933 Charles Lantz, MN
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 29 pages
Tricks for the Few
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Comments:  B&W Photo Illustrated


3 Another Card Rises: rising card with a borrowed deck
7 Four Ball Bearing Mind Reading: Magician knows which Ball Bearing thought of (not 100%)
8 Passing Up the Pass: alternative for the pass
10 In Mid-Air: magic wand suspends in mid-air
12 Through the Five Spot: wand passes visibly through a card
16 The Cut is Restored: cut and restored rope
19 The Spook Silk: silk penetrates a handkerchief
21 Over the Telephone (Charles W. Nyquist): several methods
23 You Do As I Do - As I Do It (Charles W. Nyquist): card trick
27 The Brass Bottle: a Jinni out of bottle illusion