Kirk Charles & Boris Wild: Hidden In Plain Sight
Charles, Kirk & Boris Wild: Hidden In Plain Sight
©2005 Fun, Inc.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5x8", 137 pages
ISBN: 978-0976778721
Kirk Charles & Boris Wild: Hidden In Plain Sight
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Comments: Edited by Gabe Fajuri. A Manual for marked cards. An updated version of Kirk's Marked for Life, with an additional section on "Instant Miracles", and a 28 page chapter on the Boris Wild Marked Deck.

Contents (Partial contents only, from first page of book ToC):

3 Introduction
6 History and Background
9 Printed Decks
12 Hand Marking
19 Readers
19 Easy Readers
21 The Farmarx System
24 The Farmchas System
26 Luminous Readers and Juice Decks
29 Other Readers
32 Blob-o-vision
36 Strategies for Misdirection
41 Instant Miracles with a Marked Deck
42 Name My Card
43 Weighing The Options
44 Sealed Thoughts
45 Identical 71oins
45 Five Card Revelations
48 Out of This Shoe
49 Four of a Kind
50 Super-Power Memory
51 Pile Up
52 Lump Sum
52 Run the Numbers
54 Using Other Principles with Readers
54 Stacked and Memorized Decks
55 Lazy Man's Easy Card Tick
58 Key Card
58 Voice-stress Analyzer
59 Estimation
60 Either/Or
63 The Virgin State
65 Blindfolds

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