Steve Charney: Cool Card Tricks
Charney, Steve: Cool Card Tricks
©2011 Capstone Press, MN
Hardcover, 9.5x10", 24 pages
ISBN: 9781429645157
Steve Charney: Cool Card Tricks
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Comments: Children's book of card tricks. Part of the First Facts series. Available in a Library binding.

Contents (from book ToC):

4 Introduction
6 Flip-Flop: spectator's card is found face up in deck
8 Bubble Cards: two cards bubble to the top of the deck
10 The Key Card
12 Magic Fingers
14 Two Piles, One Card
16 Aces on Top
18 The Four Pirates
20 Fingerprints

22 Glossary
23 Read More
23 Internet Sites
24 Index
24 About the Author