Charvet, David: The Banquet Magician's Handbook
©1997 2nd Edition, A-1 Multi-Media
Softcover, perfect-bound, 107 pages
Banquet Magician
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David Charvet: The Banquet Magician's Handbook

Comments (Zigby7): The banquet market is sometimes overlooked, but it offers some great opportunities. This is the first book for magicians that explores the lucrative field of banquet performing. David Charvet (a very successful performer and author) and a panel of professionals share the real secrets of how to succeed in this market.

Content: (from book ToC):

5 Acknowledgements
7 Introduction

9 Part One
9 Types of Banquets
13 The Act
17 Illusions on the Banquet Platform
21 Sound and Lighting
29 The Zaney Lights (Walter Zaney Blaney)
33 Getting the Job
39 The Performance
51 Repeat Bookings

55 Part Two Words From the Wise
55 An Agent Speaks (Becky Stroebel)
69 You'll Never See You Name Up In Lights, But...(George Johnstone)
81 Club Date Biz (Stan Kramien)
87 Banquets and Bucks (Dick Newton)
95 Bread and Butter Banquets (Walter Blaney)