David Charvet: The Bill in Lemon Book
Charvet, David: The Bill in Lemon Book
©1990, First Edition, Charvet Studios, OR
Hardcover, 70 pages
David Charvet: The Bill In Lemon Book
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments (Bryan Taylor): The "Bill In Lemon" trick is one of the classic effects in magic. Now, for the first time, David Charvet details the inner workings of the many versions of this great mystery that can be a feature of your act. The Bill In Lemon can make a reputation for you as it has for many famous names in magic. Few tricks play as big, yet pack so small. Here is magic your audiences will talk about. This is the definitive book on the Bill In Lemon Effect. History; Methods; Ways of Preparing the Lemon; Vanishing the Bill; Handling Volunteers; Presentation Points; The complete routines of T Nelson Downs and Max Malini; Tips from the Pros and More! Detailed illustrations. A wealth of practical, proven information.


5 Acknowledgements
7 Introduction

9 Part One:
9 History
11 Jarrow
28 Rope Magic by Jarrow

49 Part Two:
49 Methods
49 Before You Begin
50 Preparing The Lemon
51 Handling Volunteers
52 Vanishing The Bill
55 Routines Using Loading During The Trick
55 Jarrow's Vaudeville Bill In Lemon Routine
59 Other Bits
61 T. Nelson Downs' Routine
63 Max Malini's Routine
65 Using A Pre-Loaded Lemon
67 Subterfuge

69 Bibliography