David Charvet: Jack Gwynne
Charvet, David: Jack Gwynne
©1986 David D. Charvet, Carvet Studios, WA
Hardcover, 295 pages

©1988 Second Edition
Softcover, 8.5x11", 295 pages, unabridged reprint
David Charvet: Jack Gwynne
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Comments: "The Man, His Mind, and His Royal Family of Magic"

Contents (from 2nd edition book ToC, missig a couple of entries):

i Frontpiece - Jack Gwynne, 1935
vii Dedication
viii Acknowledgements
ix Prologue
xi Foreword (Stan Kramien)

1 Part One

1 Chapter I 1895-1915 Jack Discovers Magic
8 Chapter II 1916-1927 Magic Discovers Jack
26 Chapter III 1927-1934 The Big Time
52 Chapter IV 1935-1939 Trendsetting
76 Chapter V 1940-1941 Hollywood and War
90 Chapter VI 1941 Stand-In For A Son - by Harvey Long
102 Chapter VII 1942-1944 On The Road Again
110 Chapter VIII 1944-1945 Overseas And The USO
134 Chapter IX 1946-1951 Together Again And A Dream Come True
158 Chapter X 1952-1960 The World In Your Living Room
166 Chapter XI 1961-1965 The Younger Generation
174 Chapter XII 1966-1969 The Final Curtain
182 Chapter XIII 1970-1979 Last Wishes and Broken Wands

186 The Royal Family of Magic 1985
187 The Gwynne Family Tree

188 Part Two - The Mysteries of Jack Gwynne

190 Tricks With Livestock
190 The Box, Tray, and Screen
194 Spee-Dee Rabbit
198 Jack Gwynne’s Rabbit Box
---Note---missing a few entries
204 Hong Kong Dove Screens
206 Flip Over Dove Vanish and Ultimate Dove Vanish
212 The Vanishing Rooster

216 Glasses, Bowls and Liquids
217 The Invisible Rainbow
218 Anti-Gravity Glasses
222 Two Trays and Twelve Glasses of Beer
224 The East Indian Sands
227 Bowl Of Water Production
230 Bowl Production On A Tabouret
232 Bowl Of Water Vanish
---Note---missing page numbers below
Silks From a Fishbowl

Night Club and Stage Illusions
The French Guillotine
Torn and Restored Magazine Page
The Girls in the Fishbowl
Gwynne Substitution Trunk
The Miracle from India
Flying Carpet
The Temple of Angee

Card Tricks
Gwynne Speller
Gwynne Presentation For The X-Ray Deck

Sketchy Sketches From the Jack Gwynne Notebooks
A Silk Routine
Rabbit Vanish
Stopping Time
Smallest Production Cabinet
Girl Vanish
Gwynne Disembodied Princess
Night Club Creo

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