Close, Michael: Closely Guarded Secrets
2005 Michael Close
e-Book on CD-ROM, PDF, 179 pages plus videos
Michael Close: Closely Guarded Secrets
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Contents (courtesy Manon Roch, Descriptions derived from

1 So: casual introduction on what's been happening in Michael's life
7 Introduction: Theory behind the e-book
15 The Trick that Lance Burton Showed Me: Michael's handling and presentation of Dan Garrett's Four Card Reiteration
27 Presentation of Plant's Magnetized Cards: Michael's handling
35 The Luckiest Cards in Las Vegas: memorized deck effect, stack independent
55 On Venue and Evolution: Essay
61 The Shuffles Routine: In Michael's repertoire for over 30 years, lots of laughter
75 The Cheating Lessons: gambling demonstration
85 On Sleights: How to practice; False Shuffles, Pass, Multiple Top Palm
101 The Dumbest Casino in the World: new approach for familiar plot
111 The Famous Detective Collectors: Michael's handling of Larry Jenning's Distributraction, eliminates AFTUS
125 Magic for Magicians: Essay
135 A Trick with the Bedwell Control
141 Pipedreams: practical and useful ideas
151 Sideswiped Meets Bammo Deck Walloper: combination of two marketed effects by Simon Aronson and Bob Farmer
161 Presentation for Dean Dill's Box
171 On the Workers Series: questions answered about the series