Daniel Cohen: Real Magic
Cohen, Daniel: Real Magic
©1982 Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
Hardcover, w/dj,  5.75x8.5", 108 pages
ISBN: 0-396-08095-2
Daniel Cohen: Real Magic
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Comments: From the book, "Presents ten accounts of "real" magical happenings, which, according to science and common sense, cannot occur". Illustrated with photographs and drawings.

Contents (from book ToC):

7 Introduction - A World of Magic
10 The Greatest Magic Trick
20 The Magic Book
28 The Unlucky Alchemist
41 The Most Dangerous Magic
51 Calling Up a Spirit
60 Did Houdini Return?
69 Voodoo Death
78 The Magic of a Forked Stick
88 How Do They Do It?
100 How to Cast a Spell
107 Index