Cohen, Wood, Melton, Ladizinsky: 150 Nifty Crafts, Magic Tricks and Science Experiements
Cohen, Cambria, Elizabeth Wood, Lisa Melton, and Eric Ladizinsky: 150 Nifty Crafts, Magic Tricks and Science Experiments
©1993 RGA Publishing Group, Inc.
Hardcover, no dj, 192 pages
              Wood, et al: 150 Nifty Crafts
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Comments: Illustrated by Neal Yamamoto. This book oriented toward children includes three sections 1) Crafts, 2) Magic Tricks, and 3) Science Experiments

Contents (from book):

4 Crafts
4 Magical Sand Art
5 Walking on Egg Shells: using crushed egg shells for decoration
6 Home Sweet Home
7 Sublime Chimes
9 Works Like a Charm!
10 Zoetrope
12 Burning the Midnight Oil
13 Marvelous Marbelized Stationary
15 It's a Pinata!
16 Become a Master Caster!
19 Playing It Safe: Book Safe
20 Up Periscope
21 Getting Ansty: ant farm
22 The Word Accordion to You
24 Cool Crayon Art
25 Rolling Coasters
26 Using Your Noodle
27 Eggs-Ceptional
28 Candle-Candle Burning Bright
30 Which Witch?
32 Magic Mosaic
33 Fan-Tastic
35 Newspaper Hammock
36 Terriifc Totems
37 You Scratch My Back...
38 Bag It!: from an old pair of jeas
39 Lights, Camera...: projector
40 Shake It Up!: paperweight
41 Paper Perfect: making paper
43 Carton Critters
44 This One's For the Birds!: feeders
46 What a Relief!
47 Soapy Sculptures
48 An Egg-Citing Mobile
49 Melted Plastic Ornaments
50 Balloon Blast-Off
51 Cotton Swab Art
52 A Really Big Shoe
53 A Rose Is a Rose: paper rose
54 Rolling in Dough
55 Making a Good Impression
56 As Time Goes By
57 Rockin' Candy
58 Paper Sculpture
60 Magic Crystals
61 Bull-Roarer: noise maker
62 I Spy Tie-Dye
64 Dancing Marionettes
65 Lion-Hearted
66 A Dandy Desk Set

67 Magic Tricks
67 Quick Freeze: turn water into ice without a freezer
68 Big Squeeze: vanish a glass
70 Classic Cups and Balls
72 Five Glass Jive: puzzle
73 Tip Over Tube: change a white ball to red and back to white
74 What Water?: glass of water vanish
75 The Tissue Tease: torn and restored
76 The Last Drop: volunteer can't lift glass
77 Super Paper: paper ball to bouncing ball
78 Zap Ball: vanish a ball
79 Ball Gone: with a handkerchief
80 The Ball Tube: ball stops and starts as it falls through a tube
81 Strawberry Milk: Milk changes to red milk
83 Ribbons Around Us: ribbon production from hat
84 Breakthrough!: rope through volunteer
86 Lions and Tigers: gag
87 Balloon Magic: balloon changes color instead of popping
88 Flea Circus: an invisible flea
89 Termite Damage: hear termites in your pencil
90 Napkin Action: pick up bucket with just a napkin
91 Ice Slice: cut a piece of ice but remain in one piece
92 Spooky Shenanigans: things happen behind a handkerhief
94 Magic Bottle: suspends from rope
95 Finger Frustration: freeze a spectator's fingers so they won't move
96 Mind Reader: with a magazine
98 Some Enchanted Salt Shaker: lift a salt shaker with your fingers
99 My Thumb, Please!: gag
100 Slip Knot: appearing knot
101 Not a Knot: silk through wand
103 Presto Hanky: 21st Century Silk
106 The Ching-Chang Handkerchief Basket: confetti to silk
107 Out of Order: handkerchiefs change order
108 The Turning Box: handkerchiefs from empty box
110 The Disappearing Card: with handkerchief
111 Good News!: newspaper and handkerchief trick
113 Break Out: object escapes from handkerchief
114 Eggsibit: egg vanishes from a hat
116 Tricky Pockets: handkerchief pulled from empty pocket
117 The Dancing Handkerchief: moves
118 The Mystical Coin: coin thru handkerchief
120 The Sound of Silver: find the coin under the bottle cap
121 Colorized: card flips up on top of deck
122 Penny-tration: penny penetrates the hand
123 A Head for Numbers: name a card in a card box
124 Mental Telepathy: magician predicts which one of three cards were thought of
125 Passing Through: walking through a card
126 Discard: magician predicts which card will be left
127 Four Aces: Aces jump from the pack to the table
128 All In the Voice: card location
129 Fifteen Cents: brain teaser

130 Science Experiments
130 A Swing in Time: pendulum
131 Let's Get Into the Swing of Things
132 Become a Film Star: water tension
133 Yolking Around
134 Gravity as a Pump
136 The Skater's Finale: a spinning experiment
138 Instant Hercules: straw in Potato
139 Instant Hercules II: levers
140 Give Me a Lift: air pressure
142 Winging It: how a wing works
143 The Un-Waterfall: water doesn't fall out
144 Tire in a Gyre: gyroscope
145 You Can't Blow It: water pressure
146 Boiling at Low Pressure
147 Air Apparent I: suspending water
148 Air Apparent II: more air pressure
149 The Air Also Rises: heat
150 High-Wire Act: balancing
151 Oil & Water & Air Don't Mix
152 Reflections on Color
154 Glass-Bottom Boat
155 Phantom Candles: light interaction with surfaces
156 Why Isn't the Sky Green?
158 Getting Nowhere: optical motion
160 Color Wheels
162 Light Dispersion
163 It's the Wave!: light
164 Optical Illusions
165 What's the Sense of It: physical illusions
166 Sweet-and-Sour Science: taste
167 Tickle Your Feet: senses
168 Invisible Ink
169 IC3D: sight
170 Password: brain illusion
171 Know Your Way: compass
172 Static Charge
174 Creating a Force Field: magnetism
175 The Human Antenna: with a TV set
176 Stop the Music: using a radio and foil
178 The Invisible Made Visible: magnetism
179 Hot Socks: black vs. white socks
180 The Light Barrier: does electricity flow through water
181 Don't Take Sides: Mobius Strip
182 Musical Bottles
184 Learning Topsoil Conservation
185 Super Sleuth: fingerprinting
186 Show Me the Light: plants & sunlight
188 Fuel for Thought: what does a candle need to burn
189 Mystical Crystals
191 Cloud in a Jar