Colombini, Aldo: World's Best Collection of Easy-To-Do Impromptu Card Magic
Colombini, Aldo: The World's Best Collection of Easy-To-Do Impromptu Card Magic
©2003 Mamma Mia Magic
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 126 pages
Colombini: Impromptu Card Magic
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Comments: Edited by John Lovick

Contents (from book):

vii Introduction
viii Preface

1 Selected Cards
1 Goody Goody (Tom Craven): magician locates two selections by two spectators
2 Easy Location (Colombini): card location
3 No Control (Colombini): spectator selects a portion of 13 cards, adds the total, and uses that number to count to her selection; the CATO Cut and Turn Over principle.
6 Topsy-Turvy Twosome (Tom Daugherty): another two card location
7 Twinkey (J.K. Hartman): a two card selection by two spectators location from After Craft
8 A Sort-of Spell (Eddie Joseph): spelling the name of the wrong card finds the right one
9 Quick and Direct (Harry Lorayne): location by elimination
11 Dreamer’s Ball (Gavin Ross): the Aces trap the selection
12 Duck and Deal (Colombini): another card elimination location
13 4-5-6 (Al Thatcher): a stop card trick
14 Bottoming Out Today (Marty Kane): comedy card spelling
15 Dueling with Cards (John Racherbaumer): a 16 card packet trick as performed by a mathematician, a psychic, and a magician
17 Piledriver (Gavin Ross): magician finds a selection chosen from one of four packets
18 Kangaroo (Roy Walton): selection by elimination
19 Automatic Replacement (Ed Marlo): bring a freely selected card to any position in the deck
20 Jackula (Michael De Marco): a sandwich routine with a Dracula theme
22 Come Together (Jay Sankey & David Acer): two selection are returned to the deck but are found together face up and side by side
23 Leapfrog (Tom Daugherty): a game of card leapfrog finds two selections
25 The Ten Principle (John Cornelius): magician determines which card was removed from the deck
26 Prophetic Numbers (Colombini): a card is revealed with a mathematical approach; another CATO trick
27 Infallible Memory (Eddie Joseph): selection is found by memorizing the deck
28 Instant Lottery (Marty Kane): spectator wins a Lottery number selection and finds his "Jack"pot
30 Speed Limit (Gavin Ross): version of Joe Digman's Estimate-ion that is 100%
31 Sweet Sixteen (Michael De Marco): variation on a Blackstone Three Heaps routine
32 The Magic Lesson (Roy Walton): selection found using the Eliminator shuffle
34 The Jamesway Connection (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson): a Faro trick
36 Untouched (Daryl): spectator handles the cards
37 Countdown Location (George McBride): key card location
38 Phone Trick (Chuck Smith): a card trick for over the phone
39 A Case of Logic (Larry Becker): uses a peek
40 Topsy-Turvy Location (Stewart Judah): selection is found from cards mixed face up and down
41 Two Selected Cards (Stewart Judah): first spectator finds selections fro two others
43 Three-Card Location (Stewart Judah): a key card helps find three selections

45 Aces and Gambling
45 A Lucky Card (Richard Vollmer): three Aces are found, and the fourth using the Magician's lucky card
47 Surprise Poker (Aldo Colombini): a packet is split into reds and blacks, and a cut of the deck finds the cards to produce a straight flush
49 Simpl-Ace-Ty (Stephen Jones): Aces are shuffled into the deck and found again
49 Du/Process (Karl Fulves): novelty poker deal using a down/under deal
51 It’s a Deal (Aldo Colombini): four Ace production after some strange deals
53 The Nervous Ace (Tom Daugherty): variation of a J.K. Hartman Lie Detector effect
54 Lucky in Love (Karl Fulves): story trick from a small setup
55 Three to Two Poker (Howard Adams): magician always wins in this poker routine

57 Mental Discoveries
57 Three Proofs (Tom Daugherty): a clock principle card effect
59 Message Understood (Peter Duffie): one spectator reads the mind of another, using the Ed Marlo automatic placement
60 Matched Prediction (Trevor Lewis): selection was predicted in a match book
61 Duo Predicto (Paul Swinford): spectator cuts deck behind back and turns one half face up and facing cards match prediction
62 Double Predict a Count (Al Thatcher): through card counting the selected card is found and a second prediction is found true
64 Invisible Deck (John Fedko): a routine for the Invisible Deck
64 Blue Print (Karl Fulves): a prediction using color
66 No Way (Eric Booth): another location
67 Another Aussie (Tom Craven): spectator chooses a card using the Australian deal - under/down deal - and it matches the prediction
68 Thirteen Down (Peter Duffie): a spelling prediction
69 Central Reservations (Peter Duffie): small packet version fo Curry's Power of Thought
70 Dextral Draw (Karl Fulves): magician reveals which one of five cards was selected without asking any questions
71 My Dear Holmes (Stephen Tucker): a triple prediction
72 Three for One (Aldo Colombini): using a mathematical force, three predictions match a selection
73 The Cape Canaveral Trick (Paul Swinford): a mathematical card trick with a humorous plot
75 Importanten (Howard Adams): a series of effects with 8 cards
76 Cleopatrable (Howard Adams): a prediction test using the mystical name of Cleopatra
77 A Face in the Dark (George McBride): an approach for Stewart James' 51 Faces North
78 Predict-O’Clock (Aldo Colombini): using the spectator's favorite hours, two card selections match two predictions

81 Spelling Effects
81 The Magic Shuffle (Peter Duffie): three cards are revealed by a magic, mathematical shuffle
82 Universal Speller (Phil Goldstein): with a slight play of words, the magician spells to the selection
84 Small Talk (Richard Vollmer): magician submits the deck to a spelling program that finds the selection
85 Comedy Spelling (Aldo Colombini): face up card spelled finds the selection
86 Isobel (Stephen Jones): card is found using the name of the spectator
87 Bam-boo-zle (Ken de Courcy): presentation for Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem
88 Copperfield Down-Under (Marty Kane): spectator finds his own card by special spelling
89 Magician (Peter Duffie): three spectators find their cards in three packets of cards
90 Spelling Three Names (Stewart Judah): names of three spectators are used to find a selection

91 Amazing Coincidences
91 Casually Yours (Aldo Colombini): spectator deals three piles and finds the matches to three cards put down by magician
93 Trost and Us (Mike Rogers): magician matches the number of cards cut by the spectator
94 Money Power (Roy Walton): using two coins you find the only matching pair of cards in two rows on the table
96 A Coincidence-On a Tray (Bill Miesel): two spectators cut to four threes
98 Family Reunion (Aldo Colombini): demonstration of coincidences using the 12 face cards
99 Royal Marriages (Dai Vernon): with the four Kings and Queens
101 Sloshed or Sober (Paul Gordon): spectator finds two mates in a shuffled deck
103 Way to Go! (Aldo Colombini): a false prediction is made right
104 The Great Thirstin’ (Marty Kane): magician finds the selection through subliminal messages
106 Strange Frontier (Gavin Ross): little known handling on the Ed Balducci Cut Deeper force
107 Out of this Borough (David Regal): an Out of this World plot with two spectators
111 Tri-Trock (Michael De Marco): a series of coincidences with 25 cards and three spectators
112 “Romantic” Card Trick (Bob Ostin): a romantic story based on a mathematical force
113 Solitaire (Norman Gilbreath): the setup becomes part of the routine

115 Lie Detector
115 Acme Lie Detector (Marty Kane): magician reveals selection even though spectator can lie or tell the truth
116 More Lies (Robert E. Neale): self working, spectator makes selection from packet of Kings and Queens
119 On Second Thought (Aldo Colombini): spectators spell any card and find the selections
121 Telemental (Bob King): another over the phone routine
122 Pronto! (Aldo Colombini): another trick that can be done over the phone
123 The Ultimate Truth (Peter Duffie): a lie or truth effect with a small packet of cards
125 S.S.D.J. Lie Detector (Robin Robertson): SSDJ stands for Steinmeyer, Solomon, Duffie, Jennings