Aldo Colombini: Ringing Around Too
Colombini, Aldo: Pre-Deckability
©1996 Aldo Colombini
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.8.5", 8 pages

Also printed as an 8.5x11" comb-bound edition
Aldo Colombini: Pre-Deckability
Image courtesy eBay seller RaolsonMagic

Comments: Just one effect in this booklet, uses any deck

Contents (from book):

2 Effect: a triple prediction about a face-up/face-down mixed deck come true except for one, but then that is revealed to be true as well
3 Requirements: any deck of cards, Jumbo card, pad of paper
3 Set-Up
3 Performance
7 Notes
8 Conclusion