Aldo Colombini: Ringing Around Too
Colombini, Aldo: Ringing Around Too
© Aldo Colombini
Softcover, staple-bound, 8.5x11", 16 pages

Also printed in a 4 page 8.5x11" fold-out edition
Aldo Colombini: Ringing Around Too
Image courtesy eBay seller Trr3d

Comments: A ring and rope routine with 5 phases. Original routine came with a plastic ring and a rope

Contents: (from 8.5x11" edition):

1 Introduction
1 Effect: knot appears on rope, loop penetration, melt-through, ring in knot, ring removed from knot, leaving knot
1 Requirements: 5" ring and 3-4 foot length of rope
1 Routine:
1 First Effect - A Knot Appears
1 Second Effect
1 Third Efect Ring On
2 Fourth Effect - Ring In Knot
2 Fifth Effect - Juggling Penetration
2 The Slip Knot
3 Illustrations: first page
4 Illustrations: final page