Aldo Colombini: Tight Rope
Colombini, Aldo: Tight Rope
©1997 Aldo Colombini
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 18 pages
Aldo Colombini: Tight Rope
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Comments: Rope routine includes over 20 effects; rope is not destroyed in the process so can be used over and over. Available as an ebook from

Contents (page numbers are from the ebook edition):

1 Introduction (Aldo Colombini)
2 Requirements: ropes, silk, rubber band
2 Set-Up
3 Performance
3 Phase 1: Stretching the Ropes
3 Phase 2: Two Ropes Become One
3 Phase 3: The Rope With Four Ends
4 Phase 4: Cut And Restored Rope
5 Phase 5: A Rope With No Ends
6 Phase 6: A Knot In A Loop Mystery
7 Phase 7: The Ends Are Back
8 Phase 8: The Traveling Ends
9 Phase 9: The Vanishing Knot
10 Phase 10: Knotty Knots
13 Phase 11: Silk Off Rope