Conn, Doug: Connsolidated Connundrums
2006 Doug Conn
e-Book, 28 Pages 

Connsolidated Connundrums
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Comments: Good e-book. These are more than just notes. The included photos are a bit low-resolution and in B&W, but do provide enough clarity to instruct.
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4 Banana Smoothie: a cups and balls finale (nice)
6 Snooker: Doug's approach to Chink-Chink or Shadow-Coins using a shell
11 Overload: A three phased card prediction routine, each phase increasing the impossibility of the odds...
13 Marlo's Finessed Miracle: a borrowed deck is shuffled, and the spectator cuts the deck, notes the selection, then shuffles the deck. Magician takes deck behind his back and finds the selection. (Impromptu)
14 Connversion: a selection instantly reverses in the deck, is replaced, then suddenly the entire deck reverses
16 As The World Turns: An approach to Curry's Out of This World for three spectators
18 Route 51: A transposition of one card with the rest of the deck!
19 Quasimotion: An ambitious card climax - the folded ambitious card rises to the top of the deck. Provides two approaches (one impromptu)
21 Betawave: Freely named card is found face up in the pack, has a different color back, and all the rest of the cards are blank. Uses roughing and explains how to make the deck.
22 The Two Coin Trick: A half dollar is split into two half dollars. These change into a Mexican Centavo and a Chinese coin, and then instantly change back to the halves. Uses a CSB gimmick.
25 Switchblades: A Color Changing Knife routine designed for strolling with instant reset. Uses a four knife set (such as b/b, w/w, w/b, b/r)
28 Believe: work with your audience, not "for" them