Conradi, F.W.: The Book of Exquisite Conjuring
With Supplement: Cloth-Painting by H.W. Tagrey
©1921 F.W. Conradi-Horster, Berlin, Germany
Softcover, stapled, 67 pages
Book of Exquisite
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F.W. Conradi: The Book of Exquisite Conjuring

Comments: Translation & Patter by E. Harkewitz.


3 Foreword (Conradi)
5 The Darts of Cupido! Shooting air-gun darts through a spectator
7 - Patter for The Darts of Cupido
9 Aquarium Humanum: two bowls of water are drank three times yet are still full
10 Phoenix (E. Voege): "the final word in the question of rope tricks", cut and restored
15 Tagrey's Latest Original Handkerchief Colour Change Fix: using a dye tube
16 Cortini's Original Tumbler Illusion: a liquid vanish
17 Ben Akiba's Secret: a card trick using short cards
19 - The Ranging of Cards: move used during the trick
20 The Giant Cards Clairvoyance Deck: 32 card marked deck
23 - The Omniscient Artist: magician calls out chosen cards
23 - Telepathic Cards: calls out cards while blindfolded
23 - The Power of Suggestion: using special deck and an index of predictions
24 Livingstone's Secret: a cube-number addition trick for the stage
26 The Ephemere or The One Day Fly: a stage card trick using three "card star" display stands
29 The Floating Ball: for stage
31 Conradi's Mysterious Sleigh-Bell Combination: sleigh bells vanish and appear on a stand
32 - Method I
32 - Method II (after Conradi)
32 - Method III (Fred Kessler)
33 - Method IV
33 The Sleigh-Bell Pigeons (David Devant, Fred Kessler): sleigh-bells and ribbons for the stage

39 Supplement: Cloth Painting Rag-Pictures (H.W. Tagrey)
41 Cloth Painting: Introduction
42 Sample Designs
42 - A Man and His Wife: Note the real title uses a term that is considered derogatory today
42 - Moonlight In the Tropics
43 - A Summer Landscape
44 - A Winter Landscape
44 - An Italian Landscape
45 - Landscape with Mill
46 - The Dutchman