Cecil Cook: 51 Impromptu Conjuring Tricks
Cook, Cecil: Fifty-One Impromptu Conjuring Tricks
©1946 Cecil Cook, Sydney
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Cecil Cook: Fifty One Impromptu Conjuring Tricks
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Contents (from book):

6 Thank You
7 The Coin in Collar: coin vanishes and appears in collar
8 The 1, 2, 3, 4 Trick: math trick
9 Divination Supreme: another math trick
9 Best-Yet Living and Dead Test: with envelopes
10 Domino Deception: magician knows how many moved
11 Diabolical Bank Note: bill transfers to other pocket
11 The Balancing Match: impromptu
12 Getting Gertie's Garter: cut and restored
13 The Floating Disc: a metal disc floats only for magician
14 The Disappearing Coin: in handkerchief
15 The Coin Through Hat: three pennies thrown at hat, one penetrates into glass
16 The Swy Game: in a game of heads or tails, the coin vanishes
16 The Magic Cigarette Packet: cigs vanish
17 The Penny Puzzle: magician knows which coin was held
18 The Surprising Numeral: math trick
19 Magnetised Penny: making a Hoo coin
19 The Slave Bangle: bracelet appears on rope between wrists
20 The Broken Safety Match: restored in handkerchief
21 Tell Your Age: math trick
21 The Gliding Butterfly: IT trick
22 The Lifesaver Trick: Lifesaver is magically removed from a cord
22 Mind Over Matter: number in match box matches spectator's number
23 Time Flies: magician knows what hour was selected
23 Cigarette and Bottle: cigarette rises and lowers in bottle
24 Number Thoughts: math trick
25 The Magic Corals: beads removed from rope and knots vanish
27 Vanishing Coin in Handkerchief
28 Coin in Ball of Wool
29 The Presto Box: coin found in pouch in box
30 The Lightning Dice Trick: dice math trick
31 Mystic Coin and Glass: coin vanishes from glass of water
31 Coin in Lemon: and is found in a lemon
32 Color Divination: color of crayon is divined
33 Vulcan's Fingers: smoke from finger tips
34 Silk From Candle Flame Enigma: silk produced from candle
34 Dry Sand From Water: chemical magic
35 Handkerchief Tying Trick: two handkerchiefs instantly tie together
36 Odds and Evens: math trick
37 The Jumping Spoon: spoon jumps in a glass of tea or coffee
38 The Amazing Divination: name appears on arm when rubbed with ashes
39 Smoke Transposition: smoke is blown into a closed jar
39 The Penetrating Coin: coin passes through sleeve
40 The Torn Cigarette Paper: and restored
41 Coin Go: coin vanish
42 Cigarette Detecto: magician knows which cigarette of three place in a case
43 Pick-It-Out Matchbox: spectator can't find full matchbox
44 Piff-Paff-Poof: two linked safety pins are pulled apart
44 How to Strike a Safety Match on Your Shoe
45 The Escaping Phantom Razor Blades: a safety razor blade is between two cards and a ribbon passes through - and the razor is removed
47 The Appearing Flower: in button-hole
48 Matchbox Monte: another version