Geoffrey Cowan: Fun With Magic
Cowan, Geoffrey: Fun With Magic
©1973 Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd;
Hardcover, 45 pages
ISBN 0-448-11909-9

First published in USA by Grosset & Dunlap, NY, 1975
Geoffrey Cowan: Fun With Magic
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Comments: Illustrations by Ron Brown; Pictures by Rex Bamber. A children's book of magic.

Contents (from book):

7 Introduction

8 Pocketful of Magic
8 Pick a Pin: magician knows color of ribbon tied to a safety pin
8 Rubber Pencil: illusion
9 Pair of Pins: pulling two safety pins apart
9 Knotty Problem: instant knot in string
9 Knot From Nowhere: another
10 Restored: broken in handkerchief and restored
10 Something From Nothing: producing a ribbon from empty hands
11 The Jumping Band: rubber band jumps from fingers to fingers
11 Engulfing Hanky: coin vanish

12 Kitchen Conjuring
12 Banana Split: a banana is pre-sliced when opened
13 Eggs-Act Balance: balancing an egg on its end
13 Shaky Settle: another version
13 Spinning Egg: only magician can spin the egg
14 Bottle Cap Bother: know under which cap the coin is placed
14 Cork Caper: stunt to pick up two corks
15 Sticky String: raising a sugar cube out of water
15 Floating Needle: making a needle float

16 Magical Money
16 And Then There Were Three: challenge with three coins
16 Blow the Book Down: challenge
17 On Edge: balancing a coin on its edge
18 Catch a Coin: elbow stunt
18 All Change: coin passes to other hand
19 Calling Coins: removing coin from uder glass
19 Color Sense: crayon color detection
20 Powerful Penny: magician knows which person held the penny
20 Stretching Circle: pushing a coin through a hole too small
21 Sticky Coin: gag
21 Measuring Mystery: puzzle
22 Fingertip Touch: physical stunt
22 Vanishing Coin: coin vanish

23 Paper Puzzlers
23 Balancing Bill: balance a cup on a paper bill
23 Slippery Money: spectator can't catch the bill
23 Topsy-Turvy Card: blowing a card over
24 Chain Reaction: linking paper clips on bill
24 A New Twist: puzzle
24 Pushing Problem: challenge
25 Crazy Count: counting mystery with paper balls
25 Know the Name: center tear
26 Cutting the Lady in Half: paper cut without damage
27 Thirsty Work: gag

28 Party Magic
28 Magic Kings: magician knows which King was reversed
28 Picking the Pieces: two person mentalism code
28 Ace Aim: dropping a card accurately
29 Fingertip Feeling: determing chosen card by using a 'peek'
30 Checker Out: removing a checker from a stack using inertia
30 Hole in Hand: optical illusion
31 Magnetic Rule: ruler sticks to the hand
32 Mark of Mystery: cross marked in ashes transfers through hand
32 Match Magic: matches fall out of matchbox only on command
33 Unbreakable Balloon: pin in balloon doesn't pop it
34 Extra Strong Straw: lifts a bottle
34 Matchbox Mystery: spectator can't find matchbox with matches in it
35 Hunt the Thimble: vanishing and reappearing thimble using a pull
36 Straw Awe: string through straw is cut without damage
37 Escaping Handkerchief: through plastic glass

38 The Show Begins
38 Balancing Book: balancing books on a piece of paper
39 Seeing a Sausage: optical illision
39 Multiplying Money: another optical illusion
40 In the Bag: audibly tossing an invisible coin into a paper bag
40 Cork Magic: puzzle challenge to float corks
41 Postcard Problem: stepping through a post-card
41 Amazing Aim: physical stunt to drop a dime into a bottle
42 Coin Catch: magician finds coin handled by spectators
42 Balancing Tumbler: on edge
42 Know the Number: two person mental code for numbers
43 Magnetic Mystery: a fan of cards sticks to the hand
44 Calling a Card: rising card from glass
45 Hats and Wands: making your costume
45 A Sad Goodbye: a crying quarter