Knox-Crichton: Magic Magoria The Magic of the Magi
Crichton, Knox: Magic Magoria The Magic of the Magi
©1978 Supreme Magic
Hardcover, w/dj, 167 pages
Knox-Crichton: Magi Magoria
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Comments: Presented by The Order of the Magi; Researched by Eric Wheeler. Something for everyone, with close-up, cards, mentalism, and parlor effects.


3 Part One
3 Preface - The Whyfore (Knox Crichton)
4 President's Foreword (Ralph Wilkerson)
5 Contents
7 Publisher's Notes (Edwin Hooper)
8 The Action Committee (Eric Wheeler)

9 Part Two Information (Knox Chrichton): about Claudine Chandler
11 Stagecraft (Claude Chandler): performance tips as related by The Magical Claudine
14 Manipulation in the Making (Geoffrey Buckingham): inspiration for the young performer with some basic slights
17 Divers Definitions (Jack Potter): comedy definitions, such as "bore", a man who is here today and here tomorrow
18 Money In Magic (Knox Crichton): improving your cash flow, includes a Headline Prediction routine
24 Divers Definitions: continued

25 Part Three Trix Miscellanea
25 Slate Offhand (Max Jacobson): writing appears on a slate, no flap
26 Have a Drink On Me (Mark Weston): drink card selected by man matches drink selected by woman, and a matching drink is produced
32 Seedy (Derek Lever): carnation seeds poured into the hand turn into a carrot, and the seed back is also now for carrots
33 the Maldwyn Pyramid (Mal Davies): an advanced version of anti-gravity glasses
35 Pimpernel (Max Jacobson): effect for your handkerchief wand
36 Divers Definitions: continued
37 Linking Ring Through Arm (Scott Christian): at the conclusion of a Linking Ring Routine, the ring penetrates an assistant's arm
39 Exitable (Ralph Wikinson): table used during performance changes into a wooden rabbit, and when walking off presents a "bye-now" sign
41 Know Your Navy (J.C. Hough): card revelation using special Navy playing cards, adaptable to other unique playing card decks
42 A Memory of Leslie Lester (Jack Meredith): Lester's use of silks to separate the Key Ring for the Linking Rings
43 Attafags (Mark Weston): multiple prediction using a stack of cigarette boxes and a custom holder

49 Part Four Close Up Stuff
49 Colour Blind (Trevor Dawson): small white balls are in a tube when poured out turn to colors
51 Three Coin Trsnsposition (Brian Howard): coins pass from one spectator's hand to another in various phases
53 Dead-Eye Dick (Trevor Dawson): four half-cigarettes assemble to one corner under covers
55 Magi-Mini TV (Stanley Neale): using a box made from an old Wilkinson Sword razor box, the selected card appears in the spectator's "miniature tv"
56 Tight Squeeze (Brian Warburton): clever variation of the ball and tube
58 See-Saw Candle (Sid Bloom): interesting science experiment
59 The Vanishing Glasses (C.E. James): performer's eyeglasses vanish from under a handkerchief and appear on his face
61 Quick Off (Sam Oldham): finger ring off rubber-band
62 A Rose For My Lady (Jack Potter): woman chooses the Rose card and is rewarded with a rose

65 Part Five Take-a-Card
65 Girls-v-Criminals (Trevor Dawson): card story with cops and robbers
67 Twin Pack Routine (Sid Bloom): card selected from blue deck vanishes and rises in a red deck, with a blue back, done twice
69 The Twenty-Thousand Force (Mark Weston): forcing a 9
69 Clocked (Mark Weston): selection is found from cards formed in a clock face
71 Magicassette (Mark Weston): spectator chooses audio tape that was predicted
73 Thro' The Table (Sam Oldham): selected card penetrates the table
74 Card in Glass (Arthur Day): chosen card ends up in a glass covered by a scarf
75 Shot Encore (Trevor Dawson): comedy bullet through card
76 The Dissolving Card (David Le Moin): a selected card dissolves in water and rematerializes in a photo frame
78 Telephone Card (Mark Weston): an over the phone trick with cards and a calendar
80 Goldston Re-Visited (Peter McDonald): impromptu mathematical revelation of two cards
83 Centre Palm (Sam Oldham): selection ends up in performer's pocket
84 Think-a-Card (Eric Wheeler): comedy card routine where mentally selected card vanishes to be found in nest of envelopes
87 Simple Boomerand (Kevin Fox): a card toss
88 Fan Replacement (Sam Oldham): card chosen and returned to a fan is found at location specified by a second spectator
89 Cartes Biseautees (Eric Wheeler): three offbeat effects and one flourish using a stripper deck
89 - Turnover Card
89 - Card in Pocket
89 - The Rising Card
90 - Fanning Strippers
91 Kum-Koins (Kevin Fox): coins appear below four Aces using a special gimmick
92 One-Hand Three-Card Trick (Peter McDonald): one handed gambler theme
94 Another Cut-Up (Gus Southall): magician separates pieces of two cut up cards behind his back
95 Divers Definitions: continued
96 My Astral Eye (Jesse Demaline): a slate and card trick
99 Shy Joker (Jack Hogan): using the Hogan false count for Jumbo cards
101 Super-Supreme Control (Bayard Grimshaw): a full routine with a slightly stacked deck and a finger-reel based on ability to control the cards
106 Divers Definitions: continued

107 Part Six Mind Magic
107 In the News (Mark Weston): can be used as magazine or headline prediction
110 Cross-Eyed Calculation (Peter McDonald): demonstration in lightning calculation
112 Routined Psychology (Jack Leigh): a quick might miss prediction and sure-fire follow up using magician's choice
113 Forget Dr. Rhine (Knox-Crichton): an essay on Dr. Rhine and an introduction to telepathy

117 Part Seven Kids Kompendium
117 Entertaining Kiddies (Uncle Jesse - Jesse Demaline): essay
118 Birthday Magic (Jesse Demaline): invisible man helps magician in this routine using a slate, drawer box, toy phone, rope & bottle, spirit bell
120 Divers Definitions: continued
121 Safety First (Jesse Demaline): a safety lesson using a rabbit or dove pan, change bag, prop rabbit, flat rabbit, etc.
124 Oy Yes We Can (Jack Griggs): silks appear, become knotted, and untie
128 Mrs. Floss's Sweet Shop (Raon Baron): square circle principle with a platform sized prop
130 All Square (Ernie Tongue): how to make a squared square, a variation of the square circle

131 Part Eight Notions
131 Magi Mothballs (Sid. Bloom): mothballs rise and sink
132 Popper (Kevin Fox): a small head pops out of jacket and back again
133 Aftershow Rabbitstunt (Knox-Crichton): a stunt with your live rabbit
133 Spongeball Pinch (Trevor Dawson): description of the pinch vanish as used in Benson Bowl routines
134 So You Want to Play With Fire (Stromboli and Silvia): producing fire from the hands for your entrance
134 Divers Definitions: continued
136 Drumhead With a Difference (Ernie Tongue): a do it yourself prop

137 Part Nine Advice Notes
137 Verdless Vent (Oscar Paulson): a ventriloquist program for the deaf
139 A Spot of Juggling (Joe Marsh): a quick intro to 3 ball juggling
141 Comedy Magic - It's Hard (Knox-Crichton): essay
144 - The Note in the Egg: borrowed note is burned but found restored in an egg

148 Part Ten More Magic
148 Cube to Ball (Mal Davies): a cube changes to a ball, which then floats
151 Jumbo Jets (David Le Moin): four cards rise on command from a mechanical Houlette
153 Elusive Coins (Max Jacobson): gimmicks to vanish or produce a stack of coins

154 Part Eleven Make-Up
154 Introduction (Knox-Chrichton): about Adele
155 Stage and Cabaret Make-Up (Adele): introduction
155 Preparing the Skin
156 Application of Foundation
156 Highlighting and Shading
156 Lip Make-Up
156 Eye Make-Up
156 Powder
156 Suggestions for Make-Up Outfits
157 Club Assortment

158 Magic in Manchester (Bayard Grimshaw): history of Order of the Magi
162 Looking Back The Magi Day of Magic (Roy Currie): brief article and small B&W photos of 1976 event
164 The Brotherhood: member list as of 1976