Crush, Peter: Folding Coin Secrets
©1981 Peter Crush, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x8.25", 32 pages
Folding Coin
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Comments: illustrated

Contents (From book ToC, updated Feb 2019):

2 Forward
3 Folding Coin Secrets
4 How I Became Fascinated With Folding Coins
6 How Folding Coins Are Made
8 Re-Banding A Folding Coin
10 Folding Coins - The Finer Points
12 The Coin In Bottle
19 The Presto Penny
20 A Pound With A Bottle
21 Peter's Presto Pop In
22 Presto Penny Original Instructions
24 The Presto Halfpenny
26 Coin Trough Ring
30 The  Ultimate Folding Coin
32 Folding Coin Tips