Dwight Damon: Balloonatrix
Damon, Dwight: Ring-a-Ding's Balloonatrix
©1962; 1980 La Wain's House of Magic, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Dwight: Ring-a-Ding's Balloonatrix
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Dwight Damon: Balloonatrix
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Comments: Dwight performed as Ring-A-Ding the Clown

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Foreword (Bill Neff)

6 Chapter I Openings And Routines
6 A Routined Act
7 Another Opening ,
7 Clown Opening Gag

8 Chapter II You’ll Like Doing The Balloon Act
9 Stretching The Act
9 Type Of Case To Use And A Set Routine

10 Chapter III Other Props And Balloon Act Equipment
10 Display Holders For Inflated Balloons, All Types

12 Chapter IV Standard Types Of Balloons
14 Shapes and Colors
14 Rocket Balloons
14 Cheap Balloons
14 Inflating Cheapies

14 Chapter V Special Balloons And Accessories, Types And Uses
14 Punching Bag, Novelty Heads and Shapes, Pennant, Jets
15 30” Round, Bible Balloons
15 Accessories — Balloon Bags, Squawkers, Feet, Pumps Busta Balloon Pkg, Bright New Colors
15 Stock Print, Patriotic, Twistie Kits, Earth Satellite Kits
15 How To Attach Reed Stix And Wood Valves Or A Magic Tie

17 Chapter VI Transformations And Variations
17 Giraffe To Dachshund
17 Caterpillar To Dachshund
18 Octopus To Frog To Hat To Swan
19 Horse To Steer To Reindeer
20 The Taffy Apple

21 Chapter VII Spike It, A Magic Trick

26 Chapter VIII The Speed Twist
28 Balloonimal

29 Chapter IX Balloons From A Hat

31 Chapter X Comedy Balloon Mallet

33 Chapter XI Balloon Tricks And Tips
33 Balloon Appear At Fingertips
33 Balloon Prediction
33 Color Change
33 Balloon Flower
33 Animated Dog
34 Cut And Restored
34 Floating Balloons
34 Comedy Stunt
34 Magic Tying Off
35 Loading Balloons, One Person
35 Treasure Chest
35 Prizes
36 Juggling Balloons
36 Bouncing Balloons
36 Magic Balloon Chain
37 Balloon Sausages
37 Share A Balloon
37 Animated Balloon

38 Chapter XII Games, Stunts And Contests
38 Balloon Blowing Contest
38 Balloon Breaking Contest
39 Hat Style Show
39 Another Balloon Breaking Contest
39 Blow Big Contest
39 Balloon Breaking Contest No 3
39 Balloon Race
39 Dart Breaking Balloon Contest
40 Boxing Balloon Contest

51 Chapter XIII Quips, One-Liners, And Gag Bits

43 Chapter XIV Booking And Promoting The Act

47 In Conclusion By Author
47 Price List And Comments