Dani DaOrtiz: Libertad de Expression (Psicology Force)
DaOrtiz, Dani: Libertad de Expresion (Psychology Force)
© Dani DaOrtiz
e-book, 140 pages
DaOrtiz: Libertad de Expresion

Comments: Dani DaOrtiz' second monograph, Freedom of Expression is a study about the psychological force and the psychology of the force.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Strategies, Subtleties, PsychologicalTtechniques
2 Forcing numbers, Cards - without decks, Situations, Decisions
3 Study About the Classic Force (Psychology)
4 The 7th Force
5 Working With Small Groups
6 Verbal and Numeric Forces
7 Magician Forces
8 Cheating the Visual Perception
9 Failures and Outs
10 Weight and Subtleties