Dayton, Ronald: Spoof... It's Magic
©1993 American Magic Company, PA
Hardcover, 127 pages
Spoof...It's Magic
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Ronald Dayton: Spoof! It's Magic

Comments: This is a spoof of some of the magic periodicals (The Jinx, Phoenix, The Bat, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Pallbearer's Review, and Mortimer's Magic Magazine, but along with the comedy is some very clever magic. Note, most of the pages are un-numbered in the book.


i Dedication
ii Foreword (Steve Dusheck, Jr.)
iii Introduction

1 The Lynx
1 Dead Certainty: billet reading
2 Dream Roses: Professor's Nightmare idea
3 Editalkria: commentary
4 Lolly-Pop Coin: design for a cig thru coin
5 Demon Bands: rubber band trick
6 Hindu Swindoo: on the Hindu shuffle
8 Thimble Hop: thimble routine with gimmicked thimbles
8 It's Your Card, You Do It: selection appears face up on card case
9 Not A Trick: clever paper fold
9 Finis: notes

11 The Phonics
13 The Flack Room: editorial
15 Bar Bet Balance: balance a coin on a dollar
16 Diamonds Are...: color separation card trick
17 Old Salt: clever ideas for gimmicked salt shakers
18 Bess Yet Card Rise: gimmicked cards; card rises and releases from ribbon
22 The Ellisized Ring: a move for the Jardine Ellis ring
23 Spinner Winner: design for improved spinning coins
23 Magic: acronyms

25 The Brat
27 Instantaneously: coin switch gimmick
28 Hot Stuff: brief product reviews
28 What's Your Question: comedy
29 Film: commentary
30 The Curtains Close: obituaries
30 Brag Bag: news
31 Houdini Buried Alive: Poster
32 Magic '92: comedy advertisement

35 Hugerd’s Magic Mostly
37 A Cigarette Duo: Cig rises from pack, is torn in two, and restored
38 Pour-A-Paper: water to mouth coil or ice
39 Krinkled Pin: comedy bent safety pin
40 Secure-Ring: finger ring vanish from cord
42 Cool It: idea for holding a lit cigarette
42 Knot It: another idea for Professor's Nightmare
43 Industrial Think: stage size spring & ring
44 Pen-Nominal: finger ring vanish with pen
45 20 Things I'd Like to See: comedy
45 Right Rain: magical ideas for the cap of a styling gel bottle
46 Watch For: comedy classified ads

47 The Allsharers Review
49 Colorevision: boxless Color Vision
50 Marvoyan Twist: red & blue pen trick
51 Snap-Pull: rubber band penetration
55 Baffled Again: card discovery based on Bob Hummer's 5 Card Baffle
57 - Bonus Effect

59 Modifier's Magic Magazine
61 Poster: Modifier's Magic Magazine
62 This Is Issue Number 1: introductory
63 Table of Contents: comedy
64 Editorial
65 What's In A Word?: list of magical 9 letter words
66 Case Coded Card: a confederate trick
68 Name Game: magician divines which of 50 names chosen
70 Forceful Thinking: selection is folded, and despite what spectator's think, the folded card matches a 2nd card selected from another deck
72 Nu-Way Photo Coins: small blank "photo" develops to selection in between 2 coins
73 Nifty Copper/ Silver: copper/silver routine with an expanded shell
74 Perpetual Rope: cut and restored rope with Neal Prete's Super Rope
78 The Two Liter Fun House Mirror: fun with a coke bottle
79 Visible Damage: design for a karate coin
81 Card Stab Card Stab: Blue card penetrates Red card
83 Enter And Sign In Please: real names of magicians
86 Questions: jokes
86 Wanda-Toons: magic wand cartoons by Wanda Wheeler
99 Random Listing: magician divines which of 20 printed words selected
104 The Selected Band: another rubber band trick
109 Indestructible (Terry Card): torn corner held by spectator transforms into another torn corner
113 Signed, Sealed, Delivered (N.V. Lopez):
117 A Look At Mod: drawing

118 That About Covers It: drawings, a tongue-in-cheek look at magazine covers
126 Closing Statements
127 About The Author