Ronald Dayton & KOTAH: By Darkness Influenced
Dayton, Ronald (KOTAH): By Darkness Influenced
©2006 Ronald J. Dayton, Sue Dayton, Leaping Lizards Publishing, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 123 pages
ISBN: 1-932086-87-0
Ron Dayton: By Darkness Influenced
Image courtesy DragonSkull

Comments: Edited with commentary by R.T. Stark and Julie Sobanski

Contents (from PDF Sampler):

1 Introduction
3 Foreword
7 Spider In The Mirror
10 Crescent City Rooftops
12 The Invitation
13 They Reach Out To Touch
15 Coffins In The Sky
17 Christmas Crime Scene
18 No Shelter From The Dark
19 That Night
20 The Dead Have
21 Unspoken Hell
22 They Know Best
23 Imagined Walls Hold As Well
26 May The Squircle Be Unbroken
28 Burials On A Budget
30 Blooms And Blood
32 Conjoined By Light- In Darkness Gone
34 Grandmother’s Sewing Basket
36 Impurities And Lies: uses a Key Ring
38 In My Formative Years
39 Two Cowboys Back To Back
42 Whisperin’ Smith
44 Yoshika’s Paper Heart
46 Are They Dead Or Just Sleeping
47 Dead Air
49 Lucifers; Most Aptly Named
51 A Man Of The Soiled Cloth
54 Pay Me Not; But One Day Pay You Shall
58 Occupational Hazard
60 Origami Oracle: detective tale with folding paper
62 Two Wills - Two Souls - One Body
65 A Bag of Bones
67 Dark Pearl
70 The Shadow King
78 Walking Barefoot: producing a shoe
80 Only Stickmen We
82 Time Is A Strange Thing
83 Now I Lay Me Down To….: using the Dirty Hand Towel gag, with a twist
84 Like Driftwood Scattered
85 The Heavens Bled
87 The Ultimate Tithing
89 A Heavenly Kind Of Hell
92 Spellunking
95 Castle Of The Purple Pain
97 Deathstiny
98 The Double Hanging: variation on Grandmother's Necklace
101 A Papyrus Pyramid
103 Dragon’s Blood
104 Otto And I Laughing
105 Tag You're It
107 The Darkest Door
110 The Legend of Skeeter McPheeter: Eggs from the Mouth in reverse
112 Black Snake Bourgon and Blood
115 In Conclusion
116 Bonus: Gambling With Anku