Denhard, Harold: How To Do Rope Tricks - The Expanded Edition
1973 Magic, Inc., Chicago (1st Printing 1957)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 68 pages

1957 First Edition, Magic, Inc., 36 pages
denhard, How to do Rope Tricks - first edition
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How To Do Rope
New Expanded Edition
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Comments: Edited with additions by Don Tanner and Frances Marshall. Illustrations by Dr. Eugene Gloye and Dr. L. Vosburgh Lyons, plus others. Lots of line drawings and some B&W photos throughout. The content from page 39 through 63 below has been added to this expanded edition.


3 Harold Lee Denhard: born 1897, a short biography
4 Preface (Harold Denhard): introduction
5 Tying and Untying Knots in a Cord Without Letting Go the the Ends: reprinted from L.L. Ireland and Carlton King's "Magic From Our Notebook" 1932
6 Tying Two Knots Without Letting Go of the Ends of the Rope: another variation
6 Untying a Knot Without Letting Go of the Ends
7 The Prize Winner Rope Trick (H.L. Denhard): a cut and restored rope trick utilizing an interesting "pull" gimmick
12 Spinning a Knot (Paul Studham, H.J.G. Lehwald): multi-phase routine with a ring (3-6") and a rope
12 Phase 1 - The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye: two instant knots
14 Phase 2 - Double Quickness: another instant knot
15 Phase 3 - The Spinning Knot: knots appear and vanish in the center of a rope loop
18 Phase 4 - The Rope and the Ring: a ring becomes instantly attached to the rope under two knots; then three
20 Climax: a cut and restored rope, method where a small bit is actually cut from the rope
22 The Sun and the Moon (Don Tanner): a cut red and white rope reassembles itself when placed in a tumbler and covered with a cylinder, but the restoration changes the order of the colors. The covering is repeated to restore the rope to original. Requires a mirror glass
23 The Ring on the Rope (Don Tanner): a rope and ring are dropped in a tumbler and covered with a cylinder. The cylinder is removed and when the rope is pulled out, the ring is on the rope (uses mirror glass).
24 El Ropo (U.F. Grant): a clever short comedy bit; one man given short and long rope tied together, another given two long ropes tied together. When untied, they change places
26 The American Indian Rope Trick (Syl Reilly, as told to Don Tanner): performer escapes from a rope tie
26 The Dissolving Knot (L.L. Ireland and Carlton King): a knot slowly dissolves in the performer's fist
28 Condensed Rope (Don Tanner): a 12 foot rope is removed from a tiny matchbox
29 The Long Chance (Don Tanner): four ropes in a box, the performer gets the long one even though spectators have free choice of which too pull
30 Kapering Kolors (E.J. Moore): rope with yellow middle placed around performer's neck, rope with red middle placed around spectator's neck. Ropes change places
31 Walking Thru a Rope (Syl Reilly, as told to Don Tanner): spectator's tie performer to a board, but he escapes, leaving the rope intact
32 Rope Magic with a Dye Tube (Don Tanner): white rope is dyed red
33 On the Barrelhead (L. Vosburgh Lyons, M.D.; from Phoenix Magazine): shows the basic throw for the "chain of chance" or "loopy loop" sucker bet
35 The Purloined Rope Trick (Phoenix Magazine): rope is looped and cut, forming apparently three rope segments. One knot is trimmed away, and the other vanishes.
36 Not at All! (Dr. Wiener): a knot is tied to identify the middle of a rope, then the rope is cut on both sides of this knot, and is then restored
38 The Stretching Gimmick (Harold Denhard): making a gimmick to store a long rope

----This section new to the Expanded edition---------

39 Professor Cheer Rope Tick: NOT an explanation, simply a description of the effect of this commercial rope trick
40 Miracle Rope Effect (Tenkai): rope is knotted and cut, and then restored
42 Adcock's Rope Restoration: another variation of the cut and restored rope
43 Rope Thru the Wand (adapted by Walter Gydesen): a rope is tied around a wand with help of the spectator, and is then pulled through the wand
46 The Mysterious Knot of '34 (Walter Gydesen): another instant knot
47 The Passe Passe Knot (George Johnstone): a silk is knotted on a rope held by the spectator. Magician rubs silk with another rope, and the silk transfers to the magician's rope.
48 Ringing the Changes (Louis Histed): two instant knots, with or without rings (3-6") added
49 Ringing the Changes Again (Penrhyn): another variation
51 Ropes In One (Hans E. Trixer): spectator ties a ribbon at any place on a 5 foot rope. Rope is cut at that point and then restored.
53 One Come - To'Other Go (Lord Amwell): a rope is tied into a circle and a new knot is made in the rope. The rope is then cut into two, and the remaining knot dissolves, restoring the rope to a single piece
56 Royston's Rope Restoration: another cut and restored rope
57 Steal of the Red Knot (John Penrose): a white rope has a white center. A knot is tied in the center, and the red transfers to the knot. The knot is then slid off the rope, and the magician is left with a white rope that can be used for other effects.
58 "Sajon' Cut and Restored Rope Wherein Eddie Joseph Reveals a Hyponoropetrix: cut and restored rope with patter and comedy ending
61 The Impossible Knot (Martin Gardner): a knot is tied in a loop of a rope
62 Jumping Knot (Scurtt): rope is cut and tied together, then the knot jumps off. An idea for modifying your current cut & restored rope routine.
63 A Clean Cut (Wm. S. Boylston): an approach toward performing a "clean" center cut (good)

65 Kinds of Rope: hints on tips on selecting and using rope
66 Various Kinds of Rope Tricks: discussion of some gimmicks and other commercial effects available
67 A Finish for a Rope Trick or Act: a comedy ending for most any rope trick

68 Index