Deveen, David: Cigarette Magic and Manipulation
©1928 1st Edition, Edward Bagshawe & Co., London, England
©1936 L. Davenport & Co., London, England
Paper, stapled, 38 pages
Cigarette Magic
              and Manipulation
E. Bagshawe Edition, 1928
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Cigarette Magic
L. Davenport Edition, 1936
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3 Introduction (D.D.)

6 Cigarette Vanishes
7 Analysis of Manipulation
7 First Vanish From the Left Hand
8 Second Vanish After Being Inserted Into Closed Left Fist
9 Third Vanish and Flourish From Left Hand
10 Fourth Vanish
11 Fifth Vanish
12 Sixth Vanish
12 Seventh Vanish from Left Vanish: the Flick Vanish
14 Eight Vanish
14 Ninth Vanish
15 Tenth Vanish

17 Productions and Acquitments
18 First Production
18 Second Production
19 Third Production
20 Acquitment While Facing the Audience
21 Acquitment With Right Side Facing Audience

23 A Suggested Series
23 Effect & Operation

27 Fake Combination Effects
28 The Finger Fake
29 Producing a Number One at a Time
29 Producing a Number With Right Hand
29 Producing Cigarettes Two at a Time
30 To Show a Number of Cigarettes Produced
30 To Vanish a Number of Cigarettes
30 Back and Front Palm Finger Fake

31 Suggestions and Effects with Other Fakes
32 The Floating Cigarette
33 Coat-Loader
34 Cigarette Vanisher
34 Handkerchief Vanisher
34 To Produce Lighted Cigarette

35 Lighted Cigarette Manipulation
36 Acquitments
37 Productions
37 Production of Lighted Cigarettes from the Mouth
38 To Vanish a Cigarette In a Puff of Flame

38 To the Reader: conclusion