Dexter, Will: Famous Magic Secrets
©1955 1st Edition, Murrays Sales and Service Co,
Published by The Abbey Library, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 141 pages
Will Dexter:
              Famous Magic Secrets
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Comments: An interesting book by Will Dexter, providing not the typical secrets of how tricks are done, but rather information on the magic community, such as Magic Societies, top performers, Magic shop, books, and more! A good read, though of course a bit dated today.


7 Introduction
9 Overture and Beginners Please!
11 And It Wasn't Up His Sleeve At All!
15 This is an Amateur's World!
18 So You Want to Be a Magician?
35 A Mindreader, Eh?
47 A Full Hand of Clubs
51 Meet the Magic Circle
63 The International Brotherhood Of Magician's
71 These Are Names to Conjure With
82 Top of the Bill
98 They Make the Magic
107 The Books of Magic
114 The Ephemera of Mystery
125 Glossary of Conjuring Terms
132 Magical Societies
139 Manufacturers and Suppliers of Magical Apparatus
141 Magical Periodicals