Diaconis, Persi and Ron Graham: Magical Mathematics
©2012 Princeton University Press, NJ
Hardcover, 243 pages
ISBN 978-0-691-15164-9
Magical Mathematics
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Persi Diaconis & Ron Graham: Magical Mathematics

Comments: On the mathematics behind card and other magic tricks, with some interesting effects in chapter 10


ix Foreword (Martin Gardner)
xi Preface

1 Chapter 1 Mathematics in the Air
8 Royal Hummer
15 Back to Magic

17 Chapter 2 In Cycles
18 The Magic of de Bruijn Sequences
25 Going Further

30 Chapter 3 Is This Stuff Actually Good for Anything?
30 Robotic Vision
34 Making Codes
38 To the Core of Our Being
42 This de Bruijn Stuff is Cool But Can It Get You a Job?

47 Chapter 4 Universal Cycles
47 Order Matters
52 A Mind-Reading Effect
55 Universal Cycles Again

61 Chapter 5 From the Gilbreath Principle to the Mandelbrot Set
61 The Gilbreath Principle
72 The Mandelbrot Set

84 Chapter 6 Neat Shuffles
85 A Mind-Reading Computer
92 A Look Inside Perfect Shuffles
96 A Look Inside Monge and Milk Shuffles
98 A Look Inside Down-and-Under Shuffles
99 All the Shuffles are Related

103 Chapter 7 The Oldest Mathematical Entertainment
105 The Miracle Divination
114 How Many Magic Tricks Are There?

119 Chapter 8 Magic in the Book of Changes
121 Introduction to the Book of Changes
122 Using the I Ching for Divination
125 Probability and the Book of Changes
127 Some Magic (Tricks)
136 Probability and the I Ching

137 Chapter 9 What Goes Up Must Come Down
138 Writing It Down
145 Getting Started in Juggling

153 Chapter 10 Stars of Mathematical Magic (And Some of the Best Tricks in the Book)
156 Alex Elmsley: Includes the Penelope Principle
160 Bob Neale: beak puppet paper fold, Inside-Outside endless chain routine; Dai-Vernon chain release
173 Henry Christ: The Roulette System card trick
181 Stewart James: Miraskill Rock Paper Scissors; The Mysterious Number Seven
189 Charles Thornton Jordan: includes Psychola card trick
201 Bob Hummer: The Climax, mathematical Three Card Monte; Cy Endfield's Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Bob Neale's version
211 Martin Gardner: includes vanishing square, initial trick

220 Chapter 11 Going Further

225 On Secrets

231 Notes

239 Index