Diamond, Paul: Paul Diamond's Lecture Notes Misc. Magic
©1987 (1st printing) Paul Diamond
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 17 pages
Misc. Magic
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Comments: Contents listing is for the sixth printing of 1987. Some of these tricks require commercial products.


1 Introduction
2 Okito or Better: routine for a specialized Okito box. The box has a hole in the bottom, is specially sized, and uses a gimmicked coin
4 More on the Okito or Better: using two coffee cups
6 Coin-On-The-Hank Routine: handkerchief and a half dollar with a hole in its center (uses shell)
7 The Bent Penny: routine for an in-the-spectator's-hand trick
8 Broken Half Dollar: clever coin switch
9 Half Dollar in Cigarette: folding coin stunt
7 Bottled: uses a penny in a small bottle, a penny, and a gimmicked quarter
8 Smoke From Mouth Gimmick: how to use it
9 Joe Cossari Card Scaling: throwing cards
10 Paul Diamond's Version of the Famous Gun Shooting Card Trick Outdone: selected card jumps out of the pack
11 How About That!: uses 9 red-backed jokers, 9 blue jokers, one red card and one blue card
12 Draw Poker Switch: short description
13 Money Color Change: card changes color on face of deck wrapped in a bill
14 Super Duper Double Fantastic Mind Melting Vanish of a Borrowed Kennedy Half Dollar Outdone: using a handkerchief and magician's wax
15 Lapping A Card: from a fan
16 My False Cut: a deck cut
17 Lay Down the Bottle, Jeannie Or Glorpy Rises to the Occasion: Glorpy handkerchief routine incorporating an imp bottle