Dobrowolski, Tom: Game of Tom
Tricks are Coming
©2015 Lecture Notes
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 53 pages

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Game of Tom (Dobrowolski)
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Tom Dobrowolski: Game of Tom

Comments: "My all new lecture notes for 2015 featuring more great, fun magic you will use from my friends and me!"
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Contents (from website, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Something Borrowed Something New (Jack Carpenter): visual magic with a freely selected card
2 Misdirection: The Way of The Monkey (David Kuraya): David says “...the strangest thing I have been playing with with recently"
3 Trent’s Ribbon (Trent James): Visual stand up piece with a ribbon
4 Increasing the Odds (Patrick Flanagan): Demonstration in “cheating at cards”
5 Whitewall (Jeff Prace): turns your iPhone/Smartphone into an even more magical device
6 Turkish Ice Cream Sandwich (Curtis Kam): cards vanish to reappear in the deck, sandwiching a selection, etc.
7 Tom’s Poker (Tom Dobrowolski): Four card Poker game
8 2 Card Flip (Joe Cole): 2 selected cards, found 2 ways, found 2 times
9 What You “Wynnn” in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (Tom Dobrowolski): 3 Coins jackpot
10 Easy As One,Two,Three (John Carey): combo of classic inversion plot with Paul Cummins “Flasher” premise
11 One To-Go Box Please! (Jeremiah Zuo): A visual pun for the magically inclined