Douglas, Bert: Patter in Rhyme
©1939 Max Holden
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 28 pages

©1935 Earlier manuscript
Patter in Rhyme
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Bert Douglas: Patter in Rhyme
1935 Early Edition
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Comments: A Series of Poetical Patter Problems. Illustrations by Nelson Hahne. In some cases I'm not clear what effect the patter is for.
The 1935 version contains only a subset of the effects, noted by a * below

Contents (from book): 

6 Introduction
7 The Tale of a Shirt*: Chinese laundry ticket
8 The Stolen Jewels*: a jumbo card trick
9 Cards Up The Sleeve*: using 10 cards and a sleeve
10 The Card and Wallet*
11 Torn and Restored Newspaper*
12 The Cut and Restored Rope*
13 The Traveling Salesman (Don Sweet)*: 20th Century Handkerchief
14 The Handkerchief and Egg*
15 Lodge Night: a novel card problem, with explanation of the trick
17 Color Changing Silks: dyeing the silks routine
19 Magical Limericks*
19 - Collapsible Spring Chicken
19 - Nest of Bottles
19 - Color Changing Silks
19 - Produce Spring Dolls
19 - Vanishing Golf Club
20 Mr. and Mrs. Green (Dell O'Dell): not sure of effect; something multiplies!
21 The Vanishing Alarm Clock (Walter Gibson)
22 Passe Passe Bottles (Walter Gibson): with routine
24 The Fishman (Elmber Applegit): Fresh Fish
25 Explanatory Text: relates the rhymes with the effect