Emerson, Arthur J., Jr.: The Second Evening At the Magic Circle
1988 (circa) Arthur J. Emerson Jr.
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 22 pages
blank cover

Comments (Stewart Tame): Arthur is best-known to most as one half of Emerson & West, publishers of fine packet tricks including the never-to-be-sufficiently-praised Color Monte. He's a consummate performer with an act well-worth checking out. No date on these lecture notes but I bought them in 1988 or so, so they must date from that year or earlier.


2 This Is Magic!: Magician displays four sides of two 5" x 7" blank cards, when one of the cards uncovers the other, the words "This is Magic" are revealed, the printed card then uncovers the other which has "More?" printed on it, magician leans against demonstration case and rests "This is Magic" against the right corner of case and "More?" against the left, magician delivers a few more lines and flips cards around simultaneously to reveal first name on one, last name on the
5 Coin-cidental: The Coin-Card Compromise: Spectator chooses coin and initials label on it, deck of cards fanned for second spectator who chooses a card and initials label on it, card returned to deck which is left on table, initialed coin vanished using paper cone, deck cut to show marked coin directly above marked card.
7 Insight: One to three spectators choose cards which they keep, fourth spectator sits facing others and concentrates on circle design drawn on magician's business card, names chosen cards.
8 Match Weight: Magician places four books of matches on the bar, magician weighs each in hand "memorizing" the weight, magician leaves, spectator tears match out of one book, magician comes back and identifies which book weighs less, spectator handed one book, told to feel weight, magician takes back book and tears out single match, placed in spectator's hand it feels lighter, opened to reveal all matches gone.
13 Affinity or The His and Hers Card Trick: Deck of cards shuffled, fanned, male spectator selects one and returns it to the deck, female spectator then selects card, same card chosen by other spectator.
15 Murder Most Foul: Two business cards produced, each from its own envelope, silhouette of man on back of one, woman on the other, gender appropriate card selected and other returned to envelope, silhouette placed in transparent envelope which is initialed by spectator and retained face down in front of them, magician asks spectators to call out different forms of murder which are written on the back of another business card, one of the suggestions chosen and a ring drawn around it, card face down on table and initialled by spectator, magician recaps, card turned over to reveal ring still on card but word has disappeared from within, silhouette turned over to reveal murdered in fashion suggested by chosen method.
18 Three of a Kind: Prediction card in sealed envelope placed on talbe, miniature deck of cards fanned, spectator chooses one, red-backed bridge size deck on table in front of different spectator, deck cut, magician places envelope into deck to mark cut, magician turns red-backed deck face up and fans until envelope reached, first spectator reveals miniature card, card next to envelope in red-backed deck matches, turned over to reveal blue back, prediction envelope opened to reveal red-backed card.
20 One-Nip-Manship: Five different miniature liquor bottles on table, "...full, of course.", spectator covers bottles with five cloth covers and sets cards numbered 1 through 5 in front of them, magician turns back, spectator selects one bottle, spectator turns back, magician mixes bottles, spectator then moves bottles as instructed by magician until only one is left, which proves to be the selection.