Endlich, Dr. William M.: Twenty Practical Liquid and Chemical Effects
©1931 Dr. Endlich, Pub. Howard Morris, Doylestown, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 16 pages
20 Practical Liquid
              and Chemical Effects
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Comments: Dr. Endlich was a past manager of the Walter Gibson Magic Co, partial owner and President of the Philadelphia Magic shop, and wrote several articles for various magical publications.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Ink and Water Effects
2 Ink to Water Transformation
3 Simple Transposition
4 Chemical Transposition
5 Mechanical Transposition
6 Visible Transposition
7 Comedy Transposition
8 Stage Transposition
9 Ink Columns (Separation of Liquids)
10 Ink and Water

11 Wine and Water Effects
12 Wine and Water - Port Color
13 Wine and Water - Red Color
14 Wine and Water - With Milk
15 Wine and Water - Drinkable
16 Wine or Water Production
17 Wine or Water Vanish and Reproduction

18 Colored Liquid Effects
19 Simple Color Changes Without Chemicals
20 Patriotic Colors - Two Methods
21 Sunburst and Rainbow of Colors - Three Methods
22 The Otto Comedy Bottle
23 Color or Water Divination