Oliver Erens: Concertos for Pasteboard
Erens, Oliver: Concertos for Pasteboard
©2000 Hermetic Press
Hardcover, w/dj, 6.25x9.25", 246 pages
Oliver Erens: Concertos for Pasteboard
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Comments: New Card Compositions by 29 German & Swiss Masters at all skill levels. Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles, Frank Rosenberg.

Contents (courtesy Denis Behr's ConjuringArchive.com):

i Terminology
v Preface: English translation of Inside CardMagic Vol. 1 (1995) & Inside CardMagic Vol. 2 (1996)
1 "My Name Is...?" (Andreas Affeldt)
4 Perfect Harmony (Manfred Bacia)
13 Cutting Corners (Christoph Borer, Thomas Otto)
17 Rainbow (Christoph Borer)
22 Triple Somersault (Dieter Ebel)
29 Chicago - And Beyond (Oliver Erens)
35 Pressing On (Oliver Erens)
39 Fade Away (Oliver Erens)
43 The Light-reft Spread Pass (Piet Forton, Wolff von Keyserlingk)
48 The Suckers' Looking Glass (Piet Forton)
48 A Lesson in Addition (Piet Forton)
49 Sprung (Gerry Scharnböck)
53 Shaker Uprising (Gerry Scharnböck)
56 A Case for Premonition (Roberto Giobbi)
62 Blackout (Peter Grandt)
71 Jolly Jumper (Pit Hartling)
83 Reversed (Juno)
89 Clever Is As Foolish Does (Wolff von Keyserlingk)
98 Tablehopper's Holy P.O.D. (Christian Knudsen)
110 Illusion in Red & Black (Erhard Liebenow)
115 Super O.O.T.W. ("Magic" Christian Stelzel)
119 Thumb Print (Carlhorst Meier, Stephan Kirschbaum)
124 Herschel (W.F.M.T.W. Melmoth)
131 Afterimages (Reinhard Müller)
138 Sample (Romi)
147 Easy and Strong (Wolfgang Sommer)
150 Captain Hook's Card Trick (Helge Thun)
158 Bulkoki (Helge Thun)
166 The Charm of the Queen of Hearts (Udo Wächter)
183 Out of the Blue (Thomas Waldeck)
192 It Doesn't Get Any Simpler (Thomas Waldeck)
195 Pentium Card 52 (Thomas Waldeck)
201 Feminine Intuition (Jörg Alexander Weber)
211 Electric Wand (Jörg Willich)
215 Bizarre, Bizarre (Gerd Winkler)
219 The Smoke Frame (Wittus Witt)
223 Backstage (Daryl X-tal)