Farmer, Bob: Headhunter
©1990 Bob Farmer & Every Trick in the Book
Softcover, stapled, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay Movie-Movies

Comments: A unique presentation of the Wild Card theme. Originally came with necessary cards.


1 Headhunter The Effect
1 Introduction
1 Method
1 Setup
2 Introducing the Face Card
2 Showing Three Cards as Blanks
3 Showing the Remaining Four Cards as Blanks
4 The Face Card Vanishes
5 The Face Card Visibly Vanishes Then Appears on the Table The Second Time
6 The Face Card Visibly Vanishes Again Then Appears On the Table The Third Time
7 The Blank Cards Turn Into Duplicates of the Face Card
7 Resetting
8 Presentation
9 Bare Bones
9 Other Ideas
11 References