Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Technique
©1971 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, Comb Binding, 8.5x11", 22 Pages
Riffle Shuffle
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Comments: Preliminaries, Notes, Problems. The following may be useful to the novice in the field of riffle shuffle technique as it provides a quick reference to the terminology. In many case simple handling ideas are provided so that that the concepts are more easily grasped.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 False Shuffles
2 Strip-Out Shuffle
3 Zarrow Shuffle
4 Push Thru Shuffle
5 Cop From The Shuffle
6 Blocking Off
7 Cull Shuffle
8 Stock Shuffle
9 Cull Stock Shuffle
10 The Block Transfer
11 Continuous Push-Thru
12 The Modified Zarrow
13 Block Transfer
14 Bottom Transfer
15 The Simulated Center
16 Riffle Shuffle Problems
17 Named Triumph
18 Ordered Triumph
19 One Shot Brainwave
20 Progressive Triumph
21 Riffle Placement
22 Riffle Shuffle Trap
23 Named Trap
24 Imprisoned Aces
25 Alternates
26 Trapped With The Zarrow
27 Double Chameleon
28 Negative Stock Shuffle
29 Think Stop
30 A Gaffed Card Case