Fulves, Karl: Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks
©1999 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 256 pages
ISBN: 0486405303
Fulves: Ellis
              Stanyon's Best Card Tricks
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Comments (Dover Publications): Hundreds of tricks devised by one of early 20th-century's leading magicians — from relatively complex maneuvers involving mathematical calculation and the discovery of a chosen card, to such simple sleights of hand as "The Traveling Ace" and "Putting the King and Queen to Bed." Fascinating, clearly illustrated material for amateurs and professionals alike.


v Introduction

1 Chapter 1: Simple Methods of Discovering a Chosen Card
1 Reading the Index Pip
2 The Bottom Card as Key
2 The Bent Corner
2 Drawing the Card from the Bottom
3 The Thumbnail-Embossed Mark
4 The Twenty-one Cards
4 The Silent Count-Top Card as Key
4 Several Heaps on Table-Bottom Card as Key
5 The Bridge at the End of the Pack
6 The Twenty-one Cards (Variations)
6 The Direction of Gaze
7 Discovering One Card Chosen from Seven or Eight
8 Noting Position Where Drawn Card Is Replaced
8 The Key Card Obtained by the Index
9 Sighting the Index of the Drawn Card
9 Pencil Line on the Edge of the Pack
9 Three Effects with Wax
10 The Margin and Pip Discovery
11 The Reversed Card
11 Tinfoil on the Back of the Card
13 The Step
13 Marking the Card with a Pin
15 X-ray Cards
15 The Touched Card
15 The Portfolio Card
16 The Glimpse
16 Reflectors
17 The Turned-Up Card
17 The Ruffle, How to Make It
18 The Ruffle Force
18 A Simple Method of a Forcing Card
18 A Simple Trick Shuffle

19 Chapter 2: Simple Methods of Revealing a Chosen Card
19 The Revolution
19 The Revolution Change
20 The Revolution Change Through the Pack
20 Hitting the Pack Out of Hand
21Jerking the Pack Out of Hand
21 Forcing the Choice with an Ordinary Die
21 Card Found at Any Number form the Top of the Pack
21 Wrong Card Visibly Changed
22 Person Sits on a Chosen Card
23 To Cut the Pack at the Chosen Card
23 By Looking at Any Card
23 The Card Jumps Out of the Pack
24 Nailing Chosen Card to the Door
25 The Card Found at Any Number
25 The Blindfold Stab
26 The Pack Cut into Four Heaps
26 The Card Reversed in the Pack
26 On the Ceiling
26 Any Number from the Top of the Pack
27 Catching Two Selected Cards
28 At Any Number Chosen by the Audience
28 Pretending to Be a Mind Reader
28 Revealing a Card by Its Weight
29 One of the Three Dealt on the Table
29 Knocking the Pack Out of Hand

30 Chapter 3: Various Simple Tricks with Cards
30 The Four Robbers
32 The Three Robbers and the Constable
32 Three Aces, Separated, Come Together
32 The Piano Trick
33 The False Count
33 The Card Jumps Out of the Envelope or the Pack
34 Two Cards, Placed in the Centre of the Pack, Found on
34 Guessing Thought Cards
35 The Travelling Ace
37 The Simple Four Ace Trick
40 Two Aces, Separated, Come Together
40 Putting the King and Queen to Bed
41 A Card Thought of Discovers Another One Freely Chosen but Lost in the Pack
41 Name of Selected Card in the Envelope
41 Four Kings Change Places with Four Sevens
42 To Vanish One of Five Cards
43 With the Half Card
43 To Distinguish the Colour of the Cards Under a Handkerchief
43 Naming the Card on Top of Four (or More) Packets
44 Several Cards Pass Through a Book
44 To Slip the Top Card to the Bottom
45 Inseparable Kings and Queens
45 How to Bridge the Cards
45 To Detect Which of Four Cards Has Been Turned Around
46 Naming a Card in One Packet by Looking at One in Another
46 A Card Thought of Finds a Selected Card
46 An Eight Spot Put in the Centre Passes to the Top
47 Sighting the Index of the Drawn Card
47 The Half Card Combination
49 The Slip Change
49 The Slip Force
49 Several Chosen Card Reversed
49 The Whispering Trick
50 A Subtle Deal to Find the Chosen Card
50 To Distinguish Court Cards by Touch
50 To Distinguish Red from Black Card by Their Backs
50 Affectionate Kings
51 Inseparable Sevens
51 The Old Mormon and His Three Wives
52 Queens Digging for Diamonds
53 The Roadside Inn

54 Chapter 4: Card Tricks - Calculation
54 The Transposed Cards
56 The Card at Unknown Number from Bottom, Placed at Any Number from Top
57 The Spots on Card Indicate Number of Cards Secretly Added to Pack
57 A Numerical Shuffle
58 Any Number of Cards dealt Face Upwards, to Discover One Chosen
58 To Produce a Card at Any Number
58 Alternate Method of Producing a Card at Any Number
58 The Selected Card Appears at Number Chosen by Another Person
60 The Twenty-seven Cards
61 A Reversed Count Brings Card to Any Position
62 To Name the Total Value of Several Chosen Cars
63 Thirty-one (Simple Version)
65 The Clock
65 The Clock-with ten Cards
66To Detect Chosen Card Amongst Thirty-five
66 To Detect Chosen Card Amongst Fifty-two
67 The Square of Twenty-five Cards
67 The Pairs Re-Paired
68 The Magic Triplets
68 To Discover Card Removed from Pack of Fifty-two
69 Another Method for No. 20
70 To Discover One of Two Cards Removed from Fifty-two
70 The Capital Q
71 To Discover Names of Three Cards Chosen by Three Different People
72 To Discover Card (or Cards) Amongst Sixteen, After the Fourth Deal
72 The Spots on Top Card Indicate Position of One C
73 To Discover Value of Two Cards Drawn from the Pack of Fifty-two, Without Seeing Any Cards
73 The Thought Card Appears at Any Number
73 A Card Chosen at Number from Bottom, Found in Pocket
74 The Mysterious Addition
74 Odd or Even
74 An Arithmetical Mystery
75 To Discover the Respective Holders of Three Cards or Objects
75 At Any Number from the Top
76 The Numerical Shift
76 The Transposed Cards
77 The Transposed Cards and Mind-Reading
77 The Card in Pocket
77 The Spots on Top Card Indicate Position of One Chosen
78 The Card Chosen Corresponds with Paper in Person's Pocket
78 The Card Secretly Chosen at a Number from the Top, Picked Out of the Pack in Person's Pocket
78 Naming Spots on a Card at Any Number in the Pack
79 At Any Number from the Top
79 Forty Cards Dealt Faces Down, to Pick Up the One Named
80 Thirty-one
82 The Position of Card Amongst Ten
83 Two Packs Shuffled and Card Found in Same Position in Each
83 A Card of Either Colour Found at Any Number
83 To Give the Position of Any Card
84 Placing the Chosen Card at Any Number

85 Chapter 5: Card Tricks - Arrangement
85 Arrangement of a Whist Pack
85 A Numerical Arrangement for a Whist Pack
86 Margery's Arrangement for a Piquet Pack
86 Another Arrangement for a Piquet Pack
86 The Best False Shuffle
87 Changing the Pack
87 Discovering the Pack
87 To Name All the Cards Without Seeing Them
88 To Cut an Odd or Even Number
88 To Deal Yourself All the Trumps
88 An Improved Whist Trick
89 To Pick Out Any One or More Values
89 To Discover the Number of Cards Taken and to Name Each
89 A Perfect Whist Memory
90 The Pack Cut into a Number of Heaps, to Name Cards in Any Heap Placed in Person's Pocket
90 The Number of Chosen Cards Are Passed into an Envelope in Full View
91 Rapid Memorization (-) of Half the Pack
91 Naming the Card Secretly Placed in a Pocket
92 The Greek Cross
92 To Name a Card After Dealing Four Times
93 To Discover a Card Chosen from Twenty-five
94 A Chart of the Arranged Pack
94 To Produce Any Card
94 A Spelling B
96 To Discover the Number of Spots on Two Batches of Cards
96 The Revolution to Discover Number of Cards Taken
96 To Discover a Thought Card and Name It
97 The Twenty-seven Card Trick without a Key

99 Chapter 6: Card Tricks -Various Arrangements
99 Reversible Spelling B
100 The Alternate Card Trick-Simple
100 To Discover Two Consecutive Cards
101 Fifteen Consecutive Cards Indiscriminately Drawn from One Pack and One Secretly Chosen, to Produce It From Another
102 A Trick at Poker
104 Special Arrangement of Whist Pack and Tricks with Same
106 The Genuine Shuffle as Affecting the Above (No. 6) and Other Arranged Packs
106 The Numerical Arrangement and Tricks with Same
108 Any Card Noted in One Pack Found at a Given Number in Another
109 The Pack Is Cut into Four and the Names of the Cards in Either Part Are Found in an Envelope

110 Chapter 7: Card Tricks Using Confederates
111 Two Cards Change in Envelope-Comedy Trick
112 To Tell Which Card of Fifty-two Is Touched in Your Absence
112 Alternate Method for No. 2
113 Another Alternate Method for No. 2
113 To Conjure a Card Under a Flowerpot
114 To Conjure a Card into Your Pocket
114 A Card Instantly Removed from a Pack in the Pocket

115 Chapter 8: Card Reading
116 Arranged Pack
116 The Bottom Card-Simple
116 The Bottom Card and Palming
117 Round Convex Mirror
117 Reflection in the Eye (?)
117 Tinfoil on the Back of the Card
118 Subtle Reading of the Index
118 Two Halves of the Pack Face-to-Face
118 Finger Ring Reflector
118 Sighting the Index Under Cover of the Pack
118 Reading the Fifty-two Cards After a Genuine Shuffle
121 The Index Removed from One End of the Pack

122 Chapter 9: Card Tricks Using Special Printed Cards
123 Two Cards, One in Each Hand, Change Places
123 Four Red Cards Change Places with Four Black Ones
123 New Precipitation
124 The Cagliostro or Balsamo Card Trick
124 The Disappearance of a Card
126 Any Card from the Pocket
128 A Lightning Change
128 The Phantom Card Trick
128 Improved Phantom Cards
130 Phantom with Ordinary Cards
130 Two Cards Pass from One Plate to Another
130 Perplexo
131 Nox-Em-All
132 The Sphinx Card Trick
132 The Vanishing Card
135 Papel Blanco
135 The Four Aces on a Handkerchief
137 Will o' the Wisp
137 Fade Away
137 Nine to Five to Three to Ace to Blank
138 Contrario Aces
138 Chromatic Cards
139 Cremation and Confetti
139 The Card Problem
140 The Yogi Wonder
141 The Princess Card Trick
143 The Three-Card Trick
143 Pickitout
144 The Knock-out Card Trick
144 The Best Ever Card Trick
145 Cleveland's Presto Fly Card Trick
146 The Spotter or Educated Die
146 The Canadian Wonder
147 The Surprise Card Trick
148 Edwards' Dioramic Pack
150 Pippin
150 The Four Ace Trick
151 The Twelve Ubiquitous Court Cards
152 Substitution of a Trick Set for Ordinary

154 Chapter 10: Mechanical and Other Prepared Cards
154 Aces versus Kings
156 Aces of Spades and Ace of Diamonds Change Places
157 Three Cards Appear on a Borrowed hat
157 Three Chosen Cards Appear on a Mirror
158 The Card Appears on an Arm
158 The Card Appears on a Handkerchief
159 The Card, Envelope and Handkerchief Combination
159 Nailing a Chosen Card to the Wall
159 The Chosen Cards Appear in a Watch
160 The Card Thrown on a Silk Hat Jumps Up and Stands on One End
160 Balancing Any Card on a Hat
160 The Card and a Glass of Wine Balance on a Hat
161 The Mysterious Chain of Cards
162 The Simple Throwing of a Card
164 The Card Disappears from a Glass of Water
165 The Card Disappears from an Empty Glass
165 The Chosen Cards Change to Photographs
166 The Three of Diamonds Changes to two
166 The Signed Ace Changes to a Three
166 Aces versus Blank Cards and Pocket
167 The Two of Hearts Changes to the Two of Spades
167 The Four Knaves Change to Four Aces and Back Again
169 Got 'Em All Beat
170 The Card through a hat
170 The Card in a Bottle
171 The Ink Card
172 The Envelope Changes to the Chosen Card
173 The Vanishing Pips
174 The Reunited Card
174 The Card on a Ribbon
174 Spirit Photography
175 The Chosen Card Changes to a Box of Matches
177 The Mechanical Changing Pip Card
177 The Mechanical Changing Pip and Value Card
177 The Flap Card
180 Changing and Enlarging the Card
180 Several Ordinary Cards Change to Large Ones
181 The Card Changes to a Die
181 The Moving Pip Card
181 The Bullet Ace
182 The Chosen Card Appears Between Two Others on a Thread
182 The Torn Corner Card
183 An Ace Changes to a Three and Vice Versa
183 Eclipse Vanishing a Pack of Cards
183 The Protean Pack
184 Making a Half Pack of Cards Vanish
184 The Sticking of Pack of Cards
184 The Electric Pack of Cards
185 Producing a Pack of Cards from an Empty Glass
185 The Card Jumps Out of an Envelope
185 The Ten of Spade Changes to the Ten of Clubs
186 The Chosen Card Is Found Printed on a Plain Card Places in a Glass Tumbler
186 The Four Ace Trick
187 New Precipitation
187 The Tokio Card Trick
188 DeLand's Two-Card Monte
189 A New Protean or Chameleon Pack
190 The Five of Diamond Changes to the Five of Spades
190 Deland's Eureka Card Trick

191 Chapter 11: Forcing Packs and Tricks with Same
191 Pack to Force One Card
191 Pack to Force One or Three Cards S
192 Pack to Force Three Cards Together
193 The Ruffle Force with an Ordinary Pack
193 Discovering the Chosen Card by a Throw of the Dice
194 The Slip Force
194 To Produce Three Cards at Any Number
194 Four Cards Changed to the Same Value as a Fifth Drawn from Another Pack
195 The Fin de Siécle Forcing Pack of Cards
196 The Ae-Di-Tse-Tal Forcing Pack
197 The Svengali Wonder Forcing Pack
198 The Double Forcing Pack
200 The Triple Forcing Pack
200 The Combination Fin-de-Siécle Magic Pack
201 The Forcing and Self-shifting Pack
201 The Multiple Shifting Pack
201 Three Cards Produced from a Pack Shuffled in a Hat
202 The Forcing Pack that May Be Genuinely Shuffled
202 The Ivory Versus Air Cushion Finish
203 The Key Card Forcing and Self-shifting Pack
205 Three Persons Select the Same Card
205 The Chosen Card Is Dropped at a Given Signal
205 The Anstro Forcing Deck
206 The Monte Cristo Forcing Pack
206 The Master Mystery Forcing Pack
207 The Pack Is Wrapped in Paper and a Knife Passed between Two Chosen Cards

208 Chapter 12: Besauté (Stripper) and Cornered Packs
208 Description of the Pack
208 To Cut at the Card
209 To Blow the Card from a Pack
209 To Separate Red from Black Cards
209 To Draw Picture Cards from a Pack
209 To Draw the Card from a Pack in a Person's Pocket
209 To Pass the Card from a Pack into a Person's Pocket
209 To Name Cards Before Removing Them from a Pack under a Handkerchief
210 To Draw Cards from a Pack One After Another
210 To Pass the Chosen Card Through a Handkerchief
210 With a Confederate
210 To Name the Number of Cards in the Cut
210 To Draw One to Ten Cards
211 The Card Is Found at Any Number
211 To Drop All but the Chosen Card
211 The Inseperable Knaves
211 The Animated Card
211 A Blindfolded Assistant Removes the Card from a Pack Covered with a Cloth
212 The Chosen Card, Shuffled into the Pack, Discovered by Anyone

213 Chapter 13 The Long and Wide Card
213 Description of the Pack
214 How to Force a Card
215 The Forcing Pack
215 The Cut Force
216 The Ruffle Force
216 The Jog Shuffle
216 The Gravitational Pull
217 The Card Passes Upwards Through the Pack
217 Everybody's Card
218 The Name of the Card in a Nest of Envelopes
219 The Card in the Pocket
220 The Card Freely Chosen is Cut to the Top
220 Chosen Cards are Discovered by a Blindfolded Assistant
220 To Tell the Number of Cards by Weight
221 Two Chosen Cards Found Together
221 Long and Wide Cards

222 Chapter 14: Pirnciples of Sleight of Hand
223 The Double-Handed Pass
223 Stanyon's Pass in Connection with Sleeves
224 Cuttting the Bottom of the Pack to the Left
225 The Change Packet Pass
225 The Stanyon Cut Pass
225 The Drop Front Packet Pass
226 The Drop Rear Packet Pass
227 Bottom Packet Around Upper to the Right
227 The Pass Under the Top Card
228 The Diagonal Palm Pass (Right Hand)
229 The Diagonal Palm Pass (Left Hand)
229 The Lateral Palm Pass
230 One Handed Methods of making the Pass
230 Drop the Bottom Half from the Thumb
233 Charlier Pass Under the Top Card
233 Top Portion Revolves Towards the Body
233 Open Out Top Half and Close It Under Bottom Half
233 Bottom Packet Around Upper to the Right
234 Upright One-Handed Pass
234 Sham Pass to Neutralizse the Cut
234 Additional Methods for the Double-Handed Pass
234 Pass to Deceive a Conjurer
235 The Bridge Pass (First Method)
235 The Bridge Pass (Second Method)
236 The Bridge Pass (Third Method)

237 Chapter 15: Various Methods of Palming Cards
238 Palming the Top Card by Drawing it Towards the Person
239 Returning the Card (or Cards to the Top of the Pack
240 Lateral Slide of the Top Card to the Right
240 Pushing the Card Over the Front End of the Pack
240 Raising the Rear End of the Card with the Thumb
241 Palming Cards with Rearward Colour-Change Sleight
241 Palm for One Card with Forward Colour-Change Sleight
242 Palming One When Springing Cards from Hand to Hand
242 Palming the Bottom Card Across the Left Hand
243 Palming the Bottom Card, Ordinary Position, in the Left Hand
243 Palming a Card with the Fingers Open
244 Magical Production of a Full Pack of Cards
246 Palming and Reproducing Cards After Springing the Pack from Hand to Hand
247 Palming in Connection with Pulling Up the Sleeves - Production from Left Elbow
247 Palming When Crossing Hands - Production from Left Knee
247 Palming with Colour-Change Sleight
248 Palming Cards in the Left Hand from the Bottom of the Pack
248 Palming Cards in the Left Hand from the Top of the Pack
249 Masking the Palm with the Balance of the Pack
249 Making One or Several Cards Vanish by Palming
251 Passing the Fifty-two Cards Up the Sleeves
252 The Card Thought of Is Removed and Replaced in the Pack

254 Chapter 16: Various Methods of Changing Cards
254 Changing the Card at the Top of the Pack
255 Stanyon's Method of Masking the Top Change
257 The Mexican Turn Over Change
258 Changing the Card by Rubbing It On the Sleeve
258 Changing the Card at the Bottom of the Pack
258 A New Top Change
259 A New Top Change - Variation
259 Taking the Top Instead of the Bottom Card
259 Changing the Card with Rearward Colour-Change Sleight
260 Changing the Card with Forward Colour-Change Sleight
260 Various Changes with One Hand
260 Changing the Face Card with the Charlier Pass
261 Passing the Bottom Face Card to the Rear of the Pack
261 Changing the Top Card of the Pack
262 Various Changes Apart from the Pack
262 To Change One Card Without the Pack
263 To Change a Number of Cards
264 The Excelsior Change for One Card
265 The Revolution Change
265 Various Changes for the Complete Pack
265 Changing the Pack on the Table
266 Changing the Pack at the Breast Pockets
266 Changing the Pack in the Tail Pocket
266 Tricks Showing the Utility of the Change
266 Trying to Lose a Card
267 Either One of Three Cards Is the Chosen One

269 Chapter 17: Various Methods of Forcing Cards
269 Ordinary Method of Forcing the Choice of a Card
269 Simple Method of Forcing the Bottom Card
270 Simple and Conclusive (Mathematical) Method
271 Forcing a Card with One Hand
271 Forcing a Card from a Pack on the Table
273 Forcing a Card by Count and Second-Dealing
274 Forcing the Choice of One of the Three Cards on the Table
274 Passing the Bottom Card to the Right Under the One Touched
274 The Ruffle Force with Double Card
274 Forcing a Card with the Charlier Pass Left Hand
275 The Fuffle Force with an Ordinary Pack
275 Forcing a Person to Think of a Particular Card
275 Forcing in Connection with Springing the Cards from One Hand to the Other
276 The Slip Force
276 Naming a Number Between One and Four
276 Forcing from an Arranged Pack

277 Chapter 18: False Shuffles and Cuts
277 The Horizontal Shuffle
277 The Overhand or Perpendicular Shuffle
278 The Riffle Shuffle (Genuine)
279 The Bridge and Cut Shuffle
279 Bottom to Top Horizontal Shuffle
280 Simple Horizontal Shuffle for One or Several Cards
280Simple Overhand Shuffle for Several Cards
280 The Riffle Shuffle
280 To Retain the Bottom Card Overhand Shuffle
281 To Retain the Top Card Overhand Shuffle
281 Index Finger Divides the Pack Horizontal Shuffle
281 Picking UP Stock Behind the Pack Overhand Shuffle
282 To Retain the Top and Bottom Stock Overhand Shuffle
283 To Retain the Order of the Whole Pack Overhand Shuffle
284 Overhand Shuffling a Card to Any Positionn
284 Cutting the Pack into Four Heaps
285 Retaining the Top and Bottom Cards Overhand Shuffle
285 Cutting the Pack into Three Heaps
285 Cutting the Pack into Three Heaps - Variation
285 Cutting the Pack into Four Heaps
286 Retaining the Top Stock Overhand Shuffle
286 Retaining the To[p Stock and Shuffleing the Whole Pack
286 Retaining the bottom Stock and Shuffling the Whole Pack
286 False Cut to Retain the Top and Bottom Stock
287 False Cut to Retain the Top Stock
288 False Cut to Retain the Bottom Stock
288 Three Throw Blind Cut to Retain the Order of the Whole Pack
289 Genuine Cut Neutralised by Jog and Palming
289 Genuine Cut Neutralised by Subtle Pick-Up
289 Shuffling the Chosen Card Directly to the Top of the Pack
290 Riffle Shuffle for Paired Pack

291 Chapter 19: Miscellaneous Sleights with Cards
291 How to Make the Ruffle
291 To Slip a Card
292 The Slip Change
293 To Glimpse the Chosen Card
294 To Draw Back a Card
294 Cards Change Under a Person's Hands
294 To Turn Over the Pack
295 The False Count
295 The False Count (Second Method)

296 Chapter 20: Ornamental Sleights and Flourishes
296 Springing the Cards from One Hand to the Other
297 Palming Cards when Reversing the Pack in the Same Hand
298 Changing the Face Card of the Pack
299 Colour Change-Suiting Actions to Words
299 Revolution of the Cards on the Arm
299 Cards Thrown from the Left Arm and Caught in the Right Hand
300 Cards Thrown from the Left Arm and Caught in the Left Hand
300 Combination Throw-Back and Front of the Arm
300 Jerking Up the Pack from the Table with One Hand
300 Jerking Up the Pack from the Back of the Left Hand
301 Revolution on the Table
302 Balancing the Pack on End - on the Back of the Hand
304 Catching the Pack from the Elbow
304 To Throw a Card Across a Large Theatre
304 A Card Thrown a Considerable Distance, Returns to the Hand
305 A Card Thrown Returns and is Severed by Scissors
305 The Waterfall Shuffle
305 The One Handed Waterfall Shuffle
306 The Falling Ribbon of Cards
306 The Accordion One Handed Shuffle
307 Catching Two Heaps of Cards from the Back of the Hand
307 The Pass by Throwing the Pack from the Left to the Right Hand
309 One Handed Pass Against Left Hip
309 The Longitudinal Pass
309 The Double Palm Change
310 Subtle Overhand Shuffle
310 A Supposed Shuffle In a Silk Hat
310 One Handed Genuine Cut
310 One Handed Triple Cut
311 Subtle Force with a Dinner Knife
311 An Exciting Drop from the Back of the Hand
311 A Bridge of Cards Between the Hands
312 Tearing a Pack of Cards in Half

313 Bibliography