Ganson, Lewis: Bags of Everything
©1956 Lewis Ganson, Supreme Magic Company, London
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 8 pages
Bags of Everything
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Lewis Ganson: Bags of Everything

Comments: Original manuscript came with the bags as sold by The Supreme Magic Company, London. Effect has been reprinted in Ganson's Unconventional Magic book. This is a cups and balls style effect with a glass of liquid production climax.
The first publishing date is not clear - A magic profile on Peter Scarlett at states that he won a 1956 competition using this effect, but the Conjuring Arts Research Library ( estimates the date at 1975.


1 Cover
2 The Apparatus: includes how to make the bags
3 Moves With the Bags and Balls
3 - Move 1 The Basic Move
4 - Move 2 To Show a Bag Empty When It Contains a Ball
4 - Move 3 Loading a Ball Secretly Into a Bag
5 - Move 4 Loading from the Pocket
7 Production of a Glass of Wine