Ganson, Lewis: The Sympathetic Silks
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series
1977 1st edition The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x10", 21 pages

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              Sympathetic Silks
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Comments ( Colorful, visual magic - certainly The Sympathetic Silks is a real classic of effects with silk. Performed by most of the old top-of-the-bill magicians on the variety stages around the world, it can be just as big a hit today as it was then. From a program dated 1926, we see that Houdini performed it in his full evening show - he often declared that this was his favorite trick. Chris Charlton opened his show with it; Cecil Lyle featured it; Jane Thurston performed it beautifully in her spot in the Thurston Show and it was certainly a masterpiece in the hands of Horace Goldin. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese.


4 Contents
5 Introduction
8 To Hide the Knots
10 Stage One - The Pick-Up
11 Stage Two - The Count
13 Stage Three - Tying the Silks
14 Stage Four - The Secret Untying
16 Stage Five - The Sympathetic Tying
17 Stage Six - The Sympathetic Untying
17 The Climax
19 Notes