Garcia, Frank: Frank Garcia's Billiard Balls
1960 A Gene Gordon Production; Magic Inc
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 23 pages
Frank Garcia's
              Billiard Balls
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Comments: Treatise on the Multiplying Billiard Balls. Clear illustrations by Harvan, who is an excellent manipulator himself.

Contents (from book, updated Dec 2018)

i Frank Garcia's Billiard Balls (Gene Gordon): Introduction

1 Garcia's Advice On Routining The Billiard Ball:
1 - Starting a Routine
1 - Practice Palming
3 - Flourish
3 - Producing a Ball, Another Method
3 - Still Another Method
3 - Where to Go From Here
5 - Still Another Production of the First Ball

5 How To Handle The Ball and Shell
7 - Alternate Method
7 - Toss Production
7 - Two More Methods of Producing Ball From Shell

9 The "Best Yet" Routine: no body loads, uses a collapsible top hat
11 - The Master Pivot Move

13 The One To Five Slow Motion Production
15 The Bilious Balls: multiplying golf ball routine with shot glass climax
16 Strictly One Hand: one to four with only one hand
17 The One To Four With Solid Balls (Al Leech)
20 Last Minute Thoughts and Advice On The Billiard Balls: care of the hands, finishing a routine, other tips
21 A Simple Golf Ball Routine: From Gene Gordon's Routine Book #1, a routine for beginners