Garcia, Frank: The Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia Part II
©1982 Frank Garcia
Softcover, perfect-bound, 102 pages
Close Up Magic
              of Frank Garcia Part II



17 Introduction (Frank Garcia)
22 Switchcraft Outdone: card transposition with three methods provided
25 An Ambitious Card Move: from Roterberg
28 Roy Benson's Epitome Vanish of a Stack of Coins: from the hands
32 The Equestrial Discovery of the Four Aces: Aces float out of the deck
35 The One, Two, Three Winnipeg Cut: extension of Mel Stover's Winnipeg Cut
38 The J.T. "Elmsley" Disclosure: variation of Elmsley
41 The Pinnacle Striking Change: color change
45 Card Case Revisited: uses card case with card imprint on its cover
49 The Neil See Ball Vanish: retention vanish for a small ball
51 The Chop Cup Revisited: Uses two white chop balls, one red, and one blue ball
59 Now You See It, Now You Don't (Cellini): vanish and reproduction of borrowed cigarette
64 Thumb Fun (Cellini): Vanish and reproduction of a silk (uses TT)
69 Repeat Vanish: follow-on for the above
72 Instant Change (Cellini): color change silk, pure sleight of hand
73 How Dollar Bills Are Made: magician shows the "silk" embedded in a dollar (TT)
74 Fair Exchange: a dollar, some dimes, and a TT
76 Watch, Look and Listen: Finger ring and rope, with ring found in card box for a finale
86 A Tribute to Paul Draylen - A Little Salt Goes a Long Way: vanishing salt trick
102 The Grand Finale: a poem