Garcia, Frank & George Schindler: Amedeo's Continental Magic
©1974 Frank Garcia & George Schindler, Million Dollar Productions, NY
Softcover, spiral-bound, 115 pages
Amedeo's Continental Magic
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Frank Garcia & George Schindler: Amedeo's Continental Magic

Comments: This book is a tribute to a great vaudeville artist and a living legend in magic, AMEDEO VACCA.

Contents (from book, descriptions added Dec 2018)

7 Forward
10 Introduction

18 Parlor And Stage Magic
18 Flash Teatro: lighting flash paper with a punk
19 Red Ashes: burnt and restored paper strip
20 End Of A Nightmare: professor's nightmare rope routine
25 Parisian Silk Penetration: silk penetrates the wrist
28 Lebanese Ribbon: cut and restored ribbon

29 Paddles
29 European Paddle: a spot moves up and down a paddle
30 Pinch Of Salt: salt is tossed from the hand to a paddle, vanishes, and becomes a gold coin

32 Close-Up Effects
32 A Hole In One: hole in a cocktail napkin transposes
33 Flash-X: a flashpaper trick
35 Pea-Can Steal: method to steal the inner tube
36 Coffee Break: coffee beans are chewed and yet return, only to vanish again
37 Button-Button: coat button trick with a reel
38 Gloves From The Orient: gloves and paper balls trick

41 Dice And Chips
41 Monte Carlo Chips: a sort of shell game with an X on poker chips
42 Egyptian Dice Puzzle: mathematical dice trick
43 Balancing Dice Puzzle: dice balance stunt
44 Never Say Die: two in the hand one on the pocket with dice
46 Matchbox Prediction: magician predicts total of dice shaken in match box

47 Acrobatic Matchbox: Matchbox seems to come alive on the back of the hand

53 Sponges
53 Knockout Sponge Vanish: while seated
53 Spongeball "Split": making two balls from one

55 Rings, Pins and Needles
55 Pin-Tration: safety pins are magically unlinked, and pulled from a handkerchief without harm
57 Pin-Up Time: finger ring on rope with aid of a safety pin
60 Lend Me Your Ring: finger ring on wand
62 Ring and String Routine: uses two matching rings
64 Close-Up Needle Mystery: needle penetrates a thread

66 Photo Album
66 Vacca, a Young Vaudevillian
67 Harry Houdini
68 Houdini and His Wife Beatrice
69 Letter
70 Letter from Houdini
71 Amedeo the Needle King
72 Amedeo Needle Swallowing
73 Amedeo Children's Performance
74 Amedeo, Rose, and a Chimp
75 Amedeo and Dorny
76 Human Volcano
77 Amedeo and a Ship Captain|
78 Amedeo, Richardi, and Schindler

79 Coins and Money
79 Catching a Coin: producing a coin in the air
80 Single Coin Production: coin appears on the middle finger
81 Cinquevalli Coins: one coin balances on another
83 Lightning Coin Vanish: using a special pull
85 Penetrating Copper: coin passes through a small finger ring
88 Pin-Coin: gimmicked coin to aid an in the hands vanish and production
89 Han Pin Chien Remembered: coins through the table
90 I Owe You: clever one and five dollar bill trick
91 Five to One: a five dollar and one dollar transposition
93 The Lira Swindle: a betting gag
93 Budapest Switch: magician magically reads the serial number of a borrowed bill

95 Cigarettes
95 Sink or Swim: story of coming up with a cigarette act
96 Cigarette from the Pocket: lit cigarette
97 Impromptu Dummy: lit cigarette is thrown to floor, but then returns
98 Something from Nothing: cigarette from a pack of matches
99 Roll Your Own: cigarette appears from a cigarette paper
100 Instant Cigarette: cigarette production
101 Another Instant Cigarette: another version
102 Back-Clip Cigarette Butt Acquitment: borrowed cigarette vanish and reappearance
105 Molto Bene Cigarette Vanish: in the hands
108 One More Tim: alternate reproduction
111 The Human Volcano: from Ripley's Believe it or Not
111 Smoke from the Mouth: Garcia method
113 Amedeo’s Method and Presentation

115 Magician's Recipe