Garrett, Dan: Close-Up Connivery 1
©1984 Dan Garrett
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 9 pages
Garrett: Close
              Up Connivery 1
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Comments: Dan's lecture notes with no card work. While the lecture contained several effects using the Lateral Palm, this portion was felt to be too complex to put into words.


1 Coin-Ucopia (Paul Sponaugle): single coin tossed hand to hand becomes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8 and then a handful of coins. No gimmicks other than some magician's wax
2 The Pinch Switch: for coins
2 Duke Stern's Copper/Silver Routine: with a c/s coin
3 Oriental Spellbound: coin change with a Chinese coin
4 The Undercover Coin: 4 coins and a playing card
5 Faustus Ring Phase 3: finger ring and string move, part of a full soon to be released routine
6 Rocky III: a solid chop cup routine with some rocks
8 Purse-Eption: coin purse (two needed) and sun/moon coin routine
9 The Lateral Palm Workshop: Part of Dan's lecture, but not explained in the notes