Garrett, Teral: Psycho Gizmo Vol 2, No. 13-24
© Teral Garrett, KY
Micky Hades Enterprises, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 9.75x12", 24 pages
Psycho Gizmo Volume 2, Numbers 13-24
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Teral Garrett: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 2, No. 13-24

Comments: Psycho-Gizmo was a magic periodical that ran from Oct 1951 to June 1965, for a total run of 48 issues (info thanks to Magicpedia). Available as an ebook from and

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Mental Projection (The Amazing Maurice)
2 The Perfect Card Stab (Teral Garrett)

3 Gizmo for Book Test (The Amazing Maurice)
4 Sensibility (William E. Misel)

5 Eyes of the Sixth Sense (Nika)
6 The “Limit” Card Transposition (James May)
6 Ping Pong Balls (Teral Garrett)

7 Clairvoyance (The Amazing Maurice)
8 Suspendo (Teral Garrett)

9 A Dollar and Half Trick (The Amazing Maurice)
10 Quick Thumb Cuff (J . H. Trudel)
10 Splitting the Atom (Teral Garrett)

11 Gizmo for Levitation (Dr. A)
12 Electronic Mindreading (Dr. A)

13 Book and Key Oracle (Nika)
14 Mental Currency Trick (The Amazing Maurice)
14 Apparently Impromptu (Nika)

15 Mental-Eze (Micky Hades)
16 Fast Figures (Nika)
16 Spirit Card (Garrett)

17 Swami Act (Larry the Magician)
18 Four for One Code (Harvey Poe)

19 The Jack Predicts (Al Zolo)
20 Hanging Alive (The Great Ovette)

21 Brundell’s Spirit Seance

23 Nika’s Ideas (Nika)
24 Divined Designs (Tom Sellers)