Gilbert, Albert C.: Gilbert Chemical Magic
©1920 A.C. Gilbert Co., Connecticut
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x7.5", 64 pages
Gilbert Chemical
Albert C. Gilbert: Gilbert Chemical Magic

Comments: A Presentation of Original and Famous Tricks Conjuring Accomplished by the Use of Chemicals


7 Introduction

7 Group 1
9 The Great Smoke Mystery
11 Changing Water to Wine
12 Changer Water to Wine by Passing Hand Over Glass
13 Pour Milk from a Milk Bottle Full of Water
13 Pour Wine from Pitcher of Water, Pour Back and It is Water Again
14 Turning Iron Into Copper
14 Ink to Water
17 Water to Ink
17 Second Sight
19 Magic Writing Ink
19 Changing Burgundy into Sherry
20 Extraordinary Wine, Water and Milk Trick
22 Mysterious Glasses
23 Mysterious Jug of Water
23 The Flags of Victory

26 Group II Special Tricks
26 Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light!)
29 Prohibition Vs. Wines
30 Changing Wine to Water
32 Latest Flying Glass of Water
35 The Vision of Belshazzar

39 Group III Miscellaneous Experiments
39 The Magic Rose
39 Chemical Barometer
40 The Magic Picture
40 The Magic Power of Mental Concentration
40 The Magic of Ammonia
41 Flash Paper
42 The Fire Bowl
43 Water As a Polychrome Ink
43 Sympathetic Inks
44 Magic Stars From the Candle
45 Magic Crystals
45 Mysto Magic Paper
45 Is a Glass Ever Full?
46 The Magically Suspended Ring
46 Rainbow Flashes
47 Chemical Flash
47 Tube Lengths for "Acid Tubes"
48 Curious Experiment
50 The Musical Flame
51 Lighting a Candle Without Touching the Wick
51 Placing a Glass of Water in Such a Position That No One Can Remove it Without Upsetting the Water
52 The Mysterious Egg
53 Which is the Boiled Egg?
53 What a Glassful of Water Will Hold
54 To Change the Complexion From White to Black
54 Diabolical Odor
55 Magic Writing
55 The Magic of Superficial Tension
56 The Magic Flags
56 Magic Sugar
57 The Camphor Scorpion
57 Pharaoh's Serpents
57 The Improvised Horse Chestnut Floating Torch
58 The Magic Moving Tumbler
58 Chemical Butterflies
59 Magic Water
59 Tantalizing Matches
60 Trick Matches
60 The Ice Factory