Goldston, Will: Magician Annual 1909-10
1910 London, 1st edition
Hardcover, no dj, 100 pages

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Goldston: Magician's Annual 1909-10
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Comments ( This book describes quite a number of card tricks and has a wonderful account of some of Buatier de Kolta's illusions, for example his famous "de Kolta Chair". An interesting story evolves around the cartoon on page 62, which depicts a famous magician's wife in a not very favorable light. Goldston released later a new edition which had this cartoon removed. Goldston also tried to buy back all the first editions but was not quite successful.


4 The Editor to his Readers (Will Goldston)
5 An Interview and an Appreciation (Henry Byatt)
7 Apparatus for Amateurs (Geo. Johnson)
10 A Chat on Magic (Andre Letta)
14 Ingenious Coin Wands (Henry Bate)
15 Two Good Tricks (Adrian Plate)
16 Harry Houdini (Houdini)
19 The Devil amongst the Stars (Nibs)
20 A Smoking Concert Programme (W. Avis)
24 Indoor Magic (Arranged by Jay Gee)
27 Original Card Tricks (Elliot)
31 Original Illusions (Collings and Bretma)
39 The Jongleur's Wife (Henry Byatt)
47 Modern Tricks and Illusions (Will Goldston)
54 How to Build a Myriorama (Woolfe-Clyne)
58 "Sybil" (La Devo)
59 "True Experiences" (La Devo)
61 Stage Mysteries (Will Goldston)
79 Stories of the Road (Walford Bodie)
85 Buatier de Kolta ("One Who Knew Him")
90 Silent Thought Transmission (Owen Clark)
91 Just an Idea (Chris van Bern)
93 Card Tricks (Will Goldston)