Goldston, Will: Magician Annual 1911-12
1912 London; 1st edition
Hardcover, no dj, 99 pages

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              Magician Annual 1911-1912
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Comments ( This book has a broad range of contents, from stage juggling, to the history of playing cards (a really nice article), pocket tricks, illusions, biographical information. It is in the very same style as the other Magician Annuals.


6 Will Goldston - A Terrible Experience (Hohn Keyman)
10 Original Patter for Original Minds (Woolfe Clyne)
14 A Liner on Fire at Sea - An Original Lightning Painting Effect (Fred Velasco)
17 Stage Juggling (Fred Velasco)
21 Tricks for 1911-12 (Jay Gee)
29 The Magic Reel of Cotton (Henry Byatt)
35 Other People's Ideas (The Editor)
47 Magicians I Have Met (Will Goldston)
57 All About Playing Cards (Anonymous)
63 "Exclusive Magical Secrets" (Will Goldston)
64 Modern Magicians - Old Styles and New (Prof. Hoffmann)
67 Tricks that are New (Walton Brozen)
71 Two Sensational Illusions (Montague Albert)
74 How to Make up (The Editor)
74 Conjurors' Mishaps (The Editor)
76 A Priest of Isis (Edgar Turner)
80 Something from Nothing (M. Thibaut)
85 The Magicians' Club (The Editor)
86 Interesting Pocket Tricks With Patter (Woolfe Clyne)
90 Stage Mysteries Explained for the First Time (Will Goldston)
97 Coloured Plates and other Illustrations (H. K. Elcock)