Goldston, Will: More Tricks and Puzzles
Without Mechanical Apparatus
©1930 Will Goldston, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, London
EP Dutton & Co, NY
Hardcover, 127 pages
More Tricks and Puzzles Without Mechanical Apparatus
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Will Goldston: More Tricks and Puzzles

Comments: This appears to be an expanded version of the earlier "More Tricks and Puzzles (with Patter)"

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Introduction

9 Part 1 Tricks

9 A Coin Pulled Through The Centre Of A Borrowed Handkerchief
10 Handkerchief And Coin Trick
12 To Spin A Coin Between Two Pins
13 A Coin-On-The-Finger Balance
15 Watch The Coin
16 To Pass A Coin Through Your Sleeve
18 To Disappear A Coin By Means Of A Match-Box
20 To Balance A Coin On The Edge Of A Tumbler
22 The Walking Coin
24 To Disappear A Coin From A Borrowed Handkerchief
26 To Spin A Coin On The Bottom Of A Tumbler
27 To Spin A Coin Inside A Hat
28 The Disappearing Coin
29 The Disappearing Coin From Borrowed Handkerchief
31 Pulling A Tied Handkerchief Through The Leg
33 String And Handkerchief Mystery
35 To Knot A Handkerchief Single-Handed
35 A Watch Removed From A Handkerchief Which Is Fastened Securely By Means Of A Small Ring
36 Another Handkerchief Mystery
40 The Conjuror’s Watch Produced From A Borrowed Handkerchief
42 The Hypnotised Cards
44 Improved Method
45 The Reflection Of A Chosen Card Is Seen In The Case Of The Performer’s Watch
47 How To Locate A Selected Card
49 An Improved Method
51 A Card-Reading Feat
53 Card-Reading Extraordinary
55 To Lift A Number Of Matches And Case Without Hands
55 Novel Method Of Relighting A Wax Vesta
58 To Light A Match Twice
59 An Interesting Trick With Two Matches
61 The Cum-Bak Match Trick
63 The Hypnotic Match-Box
64 The Hypnotic Match
66 The Handkerchief And Broken Match
68 The Matchless Match Trick
69 A Good Match Gag
71 The Vanishing Match
72 The Amateur Fireman
74 The Pencil, Loop And Buttonhole Trick
76 To Place A Ring On A Loop Of String Whilst On The Thumbs Of A Person
77 The String And Buttonhole Trick
79 The Enchanted String
80 The Enchanted Rubber King And String
82 The Bewitched Rule
85 The Rising And Falling Pencil
87 The Die With Moving Spots
89 To Drink A Glass Of Water Which Is Covered With Another Tumbler Without Touching Them With Your Hands
91 A Second-Sight Trick
93 The Hypnotised Tumbler
95 The Walking Hairpins
96 Novel Hat Balance
98 The Scissors And Thumb Trick
99 Aladdin’s Ring
101 Paper Tearing
103 Ship’s Wheel
105 The Twin Fir Tree
107 Torn Paper Restored
108 The Torn Cigarette Paper
109 The Tissue Paper Mystery

112 Part II — Puzzles

112 The Burning Match Puzzle
113 A Pretty Match Puzzle
114 How Is It Done(?)
116 How Many More Matches Are Required?
117 Five Squares Made Into Four With The Same Number Of Matches
118 What Are Matches Made Of?
120 Half Of Twelve Makes Seven
121 Two Tumblers And A Match
123 The Sixteen-Coin Puzzle
124 To Pass A Penny Through A Hole Half Its Size
126 A Scientific Coin Puzzle
127 The Nine-Dot Puzzle