Goldston, Will: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men
©1929 Will Goldston, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 212 pages
Sensational Tales of Mystery Men
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts Research Center
Will Goldston: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men

Comments: This book was reprinted in 1982 by Magico Magazine, in a limited 500 volume run, with an additional section added detailing some tricks.

Contents (from Book ToC):

9 An Introduction (Hannen Swaffer)
13 Foreword
15 The Truth About the Zancigs
24 the Tragedy of Hanco
26 When G.W. Hunter Dried Up
28 How Denny and Will Goldston Escaped Gaol
33 The Truth of Horace Goldin's Arrest
39 The Cornells and Their Ghastly Publicity Stunt
42 The Strangeness of Lafayette
48 Dante Perplexed
52 Dante's Experience in Russia
60 Muller the Mystic
63 Was Chung Ling Soo Murdered?
70 A Handcuff Escape That Went Wrong
73 Ceeley and the Naked Lady
76 Frank Van Hoven's Tragic Failure
80 Frank Van Hoven and a Fellow Artist's Wife
82 Frank Van Hoven - A Changed Man
88 Wishart and the Dead Body
91 Raymond and the Undertaker
95 What Hannen Swaffer Told the Magic Circle
102 The M.P. Who Does Magic
104 The Prince Who Stabbed His Partner
110 A Foreword on Houdini
111 Houdini
118 My First Encounter With Houdini
123 Houdini and the Magical Illusions
125 Houdini's Film Failure
128 Houdini at the Palladium
129 Houdini at Manchester
133 A Regrettable Incident
134 The Houdini Packing Case Escape
135 Houdini and the Unmasking of Robert-Houdin
138 Houdini Objects to Someone Else's Boost
140 Did Houdini Fail?
144 Is Houdini Earth Bound?
146 Is Bessie Houdini a Cheat?
152 Maurice and the Girl in the Car
155 The Great Maurice and a New Illusion
158 How Magic is Accepted in Nigeria
163 Murray - His Greatest Escape
172 How Zomah Delayed a Murder
176 Carl Hertz - The Imitator
185 The World's Cheapest Theatre
188 Hertz and His Monte Carlo Syndicate
189 Carl Hertz and the Bird Cage
193 Harry Kellar's Search for a Successor
196 Was John Nevil Maskelyne a Genius?
198 Facsimile Letter of John Nevil Maskelyne
201 Facsimile Letter of Nevil Maskelyne
204 The Mystery of My Resignation from the Magic Circle
208 David Devant - The Master Magician