Will Goldston: Simple Conjuring Tricks
Goldston, Will: Simple Conjuring Tricks That Anyone Can Perform
©1913 C. Arthur Pearson Limited, London
Hardcover, 124 pages plus ads
Will Goldston: Simple Conjuring Tricks That Anyone
              Can Perform
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5 Ads: Hamley Bros. Magic

9 Introduction
11 Contents

13 Part 1 Tricks Without Apparatus
13 The Movable Fetters: quick rope release
15 A String Trick: a pair of scissors is released from a rope
16 The Paper Loops: Afghan bands
18 How To Make A Paper Tree: paper fold
19 Making A Basket: paper fold
20 The Magic String: two loops turn to one
21 The Wonderful Die: numbers on a die change
22 The Broken Match: match broken in a handkerchief is restored
23 Picking Up The Ring: magician is able to put a ring on a finger though hands tied behind back
24 The Penny And The Paper: coin fold
26 A Match Trick: betcha - pick up 10 match-sticks without touching
27 Balancing The Penny: on the edge of a glass
28 The Revolving Penny: spinning a penny between two pins
28 Flicking The Card: from under a coin
29 Squeezing The Shilling: coin passed through hole too small for it
30 The Brush That Won't Brush: stunt with coin on the palm
31 The Hidden Coin: sleight of hand coin vanish
32 Where's The Coin?: a fake coin toss
33 The Disguised Apple: an apple and orange transposition, of sorts
35 The Floating Hat: a derby hat adheres to the finger
36 The Magic Join: torn and restored paper
38 Lighting Safety-Matches: on the shoe
39 Ring And String Trick: ring release from string
41 Pulling The Strings: through the neck
42 A Knife Trick: paddle trick with a butter-knife
43 The Marked Matches: miniature paddle-trick with match-sticks
44 Swallowing A Knife: illusion at the dinner table
45 The Court Cards: magician knows which court card was chosen
47 Raising The Disc: science experiment with air pressure
48 Juggling With Pennies: stunt

49 Part II Tricks With Apparatus: some use commercial apparatus, others you can make yourself
49 The Disappearing Egg: a basic egg bag routine
52 The Sweets Trick: ink in a glass changes into candy
53 The Vanishing Penny: penny vanishes after being dropped into a glass
56 A Penny Trick: a penny changes into another coin when covered with a matchbox
58 The Electrified Penny: a penny clings to the finger
60 The Hanging Cards: a bunch of cards adhere to the hand
63 The Disappearing Penny: coin vanishes under a mouth-down glass
64 The Torn Card: torn card vanishes except for one corner, and is restored in a picture frame with the missing piece matching
67 Where is the Penny?: coin vanishes from under handkerchief and is found in spectator's pocket
69 The Empty Tumbler: a coin placed next to a glass ends up in the glass
71 The Vanishing Sixpence: coin vanished from paper and ends up in envelope
72 Passing a Sixpence: coin vanishes and is found in a Lemon
75 The Vanishing Penny: coin vanishes and reappears in the hand
77 The Trick Finger: a human finger in a box comes alive
78 Making an Egg: a handkerchief changes into an egg
80 A Hat Trick: production from an empty hat
83 Figure Trickery: a flap-slate put to use
85 The Dancing Skeleton: a skeleton dances with the aid of I.T.
86 Biting the Candle: an edible candle that won't hurt you
87 The Box of Corks: four corks in a box change to six
88 The Magic Box: the drawer box
90 Threading the Pencil: a puzzle
91 The Candle and the Handkerchief: handkerchief vanishes and replaces a previously wrapped candle; candle is removed from pocket
94 The Coloured Handkerchiefs: transposition effect
96 Vanishing a Handkerchief: handkerchief penetrates a soup plate
98 The Invisible Handkerchief: handkerchief transfers from one decanter to another
100 The Jumping Card: selection jumps from the deck
101 A Card Trick: another torn card to card frame effect
103 The Card Rose: card to rose
105 The Rising Cards: multiple selections rise from the deck
110 The Climbing Cards: a card visibly climbs out of the upper pocket to drop into the inside pocket
113 Changing the Cards: instant card change using gimmicked card
115 The Disappearing Wand: envelope placed in wand is crushed, and whole wand removed from another envelope
116 The Confetti Shower: confetti shower from a lump of wet paper
118 An Optical Illusion: the boomerang illusion
119 The Vanishing Tumbler: full glass vanishes to then be found in the pocket
121 Balancing the Handkerchief: handkerchief remains stiff and is balanced on the nose
122 The Burnt Handkerchief: simple burnt and restored center

123 Another Torn Card: torn and restored in a newspaper
124 Ads: A.W. Gamage, London books and products