Goldston, Will: The Young Conjuror Part II
1912 George Routledge and Sons, Ltd, London
Hardbound, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages

Republished 2007 Amberg Press
ISBN-13: 978-1408632208
The Young Conjuror Volume 2
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Comments (from the introduction): "Encouraged by the success that attended the publication of Vol. I. of The Young Conjuror, I have prepared another volume of easy tricks, suitable for the beginner, and trust that it will be found equally acceptable by those for whom it is intended. This little book contains some very valuable secrets, and the explanations of the tricks are so clear that the youngest student of magic will have no difficulty in understanding them."

Many tricks require special apparatus, which was made available by the "A.W. Gamage Ltd." company. For example, we find a Karate coin, shells, and special coin boxes used for the coin routines.

Note: this book is different than the later published "The Young Conjurer, Part 2" (note the difference in spelling of 'Conjuror' vs. 'Conjurer'. The two books have different contents.


3 Introduction
5 Coin Candle: gimmicked stand allows half-crowns to be produced
6 How the Money Goes: spectator's penny vanishes when placed in a match-box
7 Change, Please!: Shilling changes into two sixpences after being placed in a special box
8 How to put a Finger Through a Penny: a regular English penny is shown and dropped onto the other finger, whereing the finger penetrates through the coin!
8 The Money Maker: description of a special coin slide
10 The Money Changer: Penny changes into two-shilling piece (shell)
11 The Balanced Coin: using a special clip
12 The A.W.G. Card and Coin Effect: selection appears as a miniature card on a borrowed penny (shell)
13 A New Changing Card: an instant card change thru use of a gimmicked card
15 A New Card Discovery: tape is wrapped around the deck, which is thrown in the air. The selection remains attached to the tape
16 A New Rising Card (Chris Van Bern): Selection 'rises' from the card case as it rests on the arm
19 The Rising Cards: Two Methods, one gimmicked and one impromptu
21 The Appearance of a Bilk Handkerchief In a Bottle: cleverly gimmicked bottle
22 An Excellent Handkerchief Fake: for producing or vanishing a handkerchief
23 A Large Bouquet produced from a Handkerchief: self explanatory
23 New Fake for producing a Handkerchief: Handkerchief instantly appears in a glass (not a mirror glass)
24 Novel Production of a Handkerchief from the Flame of a Candle (Yettmah): gimmicked candle
25 A Good Handkerchief Producer: how to make a fake for a wand
26 A Pass for Handkerchief Production: and using a silk ball
27 The Broken Match: match is broken in handkerchief, yet is restored; twice!
28 A Second Sight Trick: mathematical trick to determine person's age
29 Enchanted Confetti: Red, White, and Blue Confetti is mixed in a box, but instantly separated
30 The Wonderful Hat Die: a large die passes through a hat
31 New Bottle Mystery: bottle instantly turns upside down under a handkerchief
32 The Invisble Mouse: seed vanishes from a barrell
33 The Inexhaustible Box:
34 The Magic Incubator
35 The Electric Seeds
36 The Hypnotised Wand: suspends on the hand
37 Hat Production: flower pot produced from a hat
38 A Trick with a Rubber Band: rubber band passes from fingers two fingers in a snap
39 New Ping-Pong Ball Trick: two marked balls change places in handkerchief bags
40 The Celebrated Trick Collar and Bolt: brief explanation of a brass collar escape
40 The Ball and Wand Balance: clever variation of the ball balancing on the wand trick
41 New Slate Writing Trick: new approach to the Spirit Slate
43 The Enchanted Blocks: a red block vanishes from between two white blocks and ends up under a hat
46 A Balancing Feat: an apparent juggling feat
47 The Newest Cone Production: a fake for loading the cone
48 The Best of All Rice Bowls (Chung Ling Soo): a clever gimmick adds a twist to the traditional rice bowl effect. Complete with patter.
52 What a Draught! (Chung Ling Soo): Eight White Checkers and One Black Checker with holes in the center are placed on a small dowel. Instantly, the black checker changes places with one of the white checker in the stack
53 A New Egg-producing Bag: a large egg bag that can produce a half-dozen eggs
55 A Neat Drawing Room Tick: a card changes into a match-box, a match is removed and a silk produced
57 An Improved Egg Vanisher: description of this utility
57 The Confetti Trick: small batch of paper is wet, and fanned to dry it. The fanning produces a cloud of confetti
59 A Novel Transformation:
61 The Wandering Roman Balls:
63 Confetti and Bran Change: Confetti and Bran change places in a clear tube
65 The Wash Bowl and Jug: brief description of a contraption to allow water to vanish from a bowl and then for objects to be produced
66 Novel and Improved Ink Vase (Herr Ernese Basch): Ink instantly vanishes from a glass to reveal a glass of water with a fish. Also plugs Gamage's Magician monthly magazine.
67 A Colour-changing Thimble: a rapid color change using nesting thimbles
68 A New Card on Bottle Effect: selected card is found attached to a wine bottle
70 A Useful Changing Bag: for 'soft' contents, such as billets
71 The Ball and the Wand (Will Goldston): a small ball glides up a wand
72 The Penny and the Florin: a specially gimmicked coin allows a quick vanish of the florin
73 The Halfpence and the Die: a variation on the Cap and Pence
75 The Cards and the Handkerchief: cards vanish from the case to be replaced by a handkerchief
76 White or Red: A form of the Ball & Vase for a color change
77 The Card Stand: description of the apparatus and its use
78 The Fountain of Fire: brief description of this chemical effect
79 The Damaged Sunshade: an umbrella is reduced to its frame with colored handkerchiefs hanging off, and then restored
81 The Bottle and Glass: bottle and glass change places under cover
82 The Mysterious Hand: a wax hand answers questions by rapping
83 The Tambourine Trick: a coil of ribbon is produced from a tambourine that is constructed in front of the audience
84 A Curious Meal: magician swallows his walking stick
85 The Gamagic Coin Fake: to aid back-palming
87 Wine and Water: description of this effect in which liquid seems to change from water to beer to wine and back to water again
89 The Magic Sands: sand is removed fro water and is dry
93 A Spiritualistic Trick
93 The Cigarette Paper: torn and restored
94 Two Handkerchief Fakes: for production
95 The Mirror Glass: and its uses
96 Advertisement for Gamage's House for Jokes & Puzzles (London)